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I am Eesha, the author and editor of this blog. I am currently working in a techno-legal consultancy firm! Now, to many of you 'techno-legal' may sound a bit too intriguing, but, simply saying a I am Project Manager with Civil Engineering background working on legal and contractual matters surrounding a construction contract. Wow, that's mouthful! 

I am an overweight female, on the way to reduce my weight. I have to reduce around 30 kilos (yep, that's a big number) and I have already reduced 3 kilos in last 5 months. 3 kilos in 5 months is like nothing, but, I would wish to reduce gradually which would be more permanent in nature. So, diet control and work outs are a permanent part of my routine. I also keep trying different work regimens and diets, so, if you any suggestions, please pass them on to me. Weight loss is very difficult process for me because of hypothyroidism! But, I am determined and that's what matters most. 

The Blog:
The blog “MakeupbyEesha” is a medium to share my enthusiasm about my make-up with those alike. On this blog, you will find a lot of make-up looks and tutorials (picture/ videos) and a lot of product reviews that are mainly make-up from drugstore to high end luxury brands, products that worked for me and what combination of products I am enjoying from time to time. 


Finally, MakeupbyEesha is now on YouTube! It's like a dream come true. I always wanted to do videos, not that, I did not enjoy picture tutorials, but YT was my dream. You can subscribe to my YT channel HERE and support me on YT as much you supported the blog. Due to my current work commitment I have not been able to commit myself to YouTube.  

When it comes to make-up favorites, I like smoky eyes as much I like bright lips. But, I definitely love flawless glowing skin, which unfortunately I am not blessed with. But, I have learned to fake it with make-up.
My favorite brands include MAC, Estée Lauder, Chanel, Lancôme, Guerlain, Dior, Nars, Urban Decay, in general. I wish to explore brands more luxury designer brands like Kevin Aucain, Tom Ford, YSL, etc and also Hakhodu brushes.

My skin:
My skin is very oily during non winter months and combination to dry during winter months (it stretches without moisturizer, but once I apply moisturizer it tends to get oily in the T-Zone in few hours)
My skin tone is warm skin tone with redness on and around my nose. 

So, all products that I mention in the make-up looks or reviews are considering my skin type.

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