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除了我们的 咨询服务, 正规网赌游戏 leverages the resources of our partner organizations to help manufacturers create innovative 产品s, 解决挑战, and leverage opportunities. The 正规网赌游戏 partner network - consisting of educational institutions, 盈利性公司, other economic development organizations, and many more - connects Ohio manufacturers with experts across almost every area of manufacturing—and creates uncommon success for our clients.

正规网赌游戏 will connect you to the right subject-matter expert your company needs. Partner expertise ranges across process, 产品, engineering and go-to-market specialization services.

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When you partner with 正规网赌游戏, you’re working with more than our 40-person team. You’re instantly connected to the top resources across the region, Ohio, and the country.

正规网赌游戏’s Partner Network


As a 正规网赌游戏 partner, you show your commitment to manufacturers.

If you are serving manufacturing companies and are committed to growing Northeast Ohio’s manufacturing industry, we hope you will consider formally joining the 正规网赌游戏 Partner Network. 正规网赌游戏 partners with organizations like yours through events, 赞助, informal introductions, service line development, speaking opportunities, and other creative collaborations to serve manufacturers together.  

Many times we at 正规网赌游戏 serve as the network node to many opportunities in Northeast Ohio and beyond, but only by knowing you can we introduce you to a manufacturer with the confidence and trust that our clients expect.

Economic Development 合作伙伴

Meet 正规网赌游戏’s Economic Development 合作伙伴, a large group of leading organizations committed to regional development. Examples of ways we partner include creating specific manufacturing events branded for our Partner, creating specific manufacturing-branded newsletters for our partners, 在R&E calls to support partners, and much more.  

Technical Service 合作伙伴

正规网赌游戏 relies on for-profit and not-for-profit organizations to bring in at the right time to help manufacturers grow.  Some of our partners are below.

Ohio Manufacturing Extension 合作伙伴hip Resource Network

Manufacturing 劳动力 Coalitions

Higher Education, 劳动力 Development and Vocational Training

正规网赌游戏 Education 合作伙伴 include some of the region’s top schools, colleges and universities.



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