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AdobeStock_135408460According to our 2019 State of Northeast Ohio 制造业 Report, 工业物联网(IIoT) technologies are top of mind for most Northeast Ohio manufacturers. However, of survey respondents, only 16% say they've implemented IIoT.

最近的一次 团队新资源 identified that many manufacturers don’t know the full breadth of IIoT technologies, 他们也不确定投资回报率是多少.

Reasons for manufacturer resistance to IIoT are broad, 但也许人们认为工作进展顺利, focus is tied up in current production and processes, 也有人对其优势持怀疑态度.

So what exactly is IIoT, and how relevant is it to small- and medium-sized manufacturers today? 

工业物联网不会消失,因此 必须 be implemented in the coming years to increase manufacturing competitiveness and 效率. 犹豫是很自然的, we recommend starting with the basics of IIoT below to see how it can apply to your facility.

What Is the 工业物联网(IIoT)? 

IIoT is the use of those connected technologies to enhance manufacturing and industrial processes. 它利用软件, 传感器, 数据系统, 更多的是在制造业提高速度, 效率, 和业务性能. 

全球市场 物联网是16美元.2016年将达到30亿美元,但预计将达到185美元.到2023年达到90亿, illustrating the relevancy of IoT for all industries during the coming years and decades., a technical resource created primarily for mechanical engineers, offers some examples of common IIoT use cases available today: 

  • 预防性维护: Records and communicates run-times or equipment cycles to avoid or predict asset downtime before it happens.
  • 预见性维护: Provides warnings for conditions that indicate impending failure.
  • 能源消耗 监控: Provides power-consumption rates and assists in decisions to adjust equipment power usage to avoid peak-use energy penalties.
  • 在线质量传感器: Delivers real-time data to the quality-assurance department to reduce labor for regulatory sampling, allowing for quick reaction to quality issues with raw materials or finished products.
  • 批处理优化: Gives process engineers batch data and trends to optimize product production, 包括改善混合, 加热, 和清洗时间.”
  • Proportional-integral-derivative (PID) loop tuning:Time-series process data used for “PID loop-tuning improvements, 控制阀的机械性能问题, 或者寻找过程变化的根本原因.”
  • 库存计划援助:提供实时库存信息, 这可以改善调度, 航运, 并订购原材料及成品.


With potential IIoT use cases across an entire manufacturing process, 知道从哪里开始可能会让人不知所措.


A common misconception is that IIoT adoption is not worth the cost or effort. 工业物联网解决方案 解决方案 意味着,必须 解决一个 问题


  • 你的工厂是否以100%的效率运行? 如果不是,哪里有故障?
  • 你是否有过计划外停机的经历? 为什么?
  • If communication breakdowns occur, where do they happen? 

在上述任何情况下,工业物联网都可以提供帮助. 的 key is to identify a 问题, then assess IIoT 解决方案s that can alleviate it.

当我们和制造商交谈时, misconceptions or a lack of awareness about this emerging technology turn them off to the possibility of integration. Another common concern is that manufactures believe they won't be able to calculate an ROI.


As you add IIoT devices to your manufacturing network, it becomes increasingly important to manage your cybersecurity. 

网络安全风险 工业物联网是与生俱来的关注点吗. Circumventing the 问题 first requires awareness that it exists. Horror stories of IIoT cybersecurity breaches result from a lack of awareness, planning and training.

manufacturing-specific报告 addresses this concern by providing preventive measures you can use to reduce your potential risk, 包括:

  • 渗透测试
  • 正在进行系统优化/安全补丁
  • Employee training and testing on safe Internet and system use
  • Knowing who has access to internal systems and critical information
  • Monitoring activity logs to identify patterns of abuse
  • Having a clear plan and process for dealing with cyber security breaches, such as “what-if” scenarios to determine how you’ll address potential issues

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Uncover More on the IIoT with Local Manufacturers 

Do you think the 工业物联网(IIoT) is too complicated, 昂贵的, and time-consuming to make sense for your company? Attend Future Factories: A Symposium of 制造业 Talent, 技术, and Tactics, a local event for manufacturers on Thursday, September 26. At the breakout session on smart factories and IIoT, you'll hear local small manufacturers talk about the technologies, 最佳实践, and results they've seen through their implementation of Industry 4.0.

Join us at the Future Factories 制造业 Symposium.

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