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May Lindstrom The Problem Solver, For Sure | Review w/ Some Insights from the Brand Itself

A product that actually works. 

A mask that renders skin clean, smooth, soft and fights acne. An amazing product for problematic skin which continually suffer from breakouts like mine. I usually get 1 or 2 acne during the time of the month that are cystic and leave behind spots that take forever to go. First of all the acne itself takes long time to heal and second of all the dark spots. 

So, I constantly look forward to products that are specifically targeted towards acne prone skin, that could prevent acne from happening or at least heal them faster. A friend (Parita) introduced me to this super luxurious skincare brand called May Lindstrom. She used to rave about its Jasmine Garden Facial Mist. If I remember correct she had tried this mask and wasn't wowed about it. IMO, she already has very good skin, so, I don't know what better this mask would have done for her. Check her Instagram feed, its awesome. 

When I read about it online I thought this mask was made for me and took the courage to splurge. And it is like a god send product for me. It helped in curing my acne faster and made my skin look super clean, smooth and my pores also looked smoother, despite having acne spots. I always get compliments for my 'skin' whenever I use this mask. And the best part is, the effect stays put for few days. 

Enough babbling (but, I wanted to set the context), lets talk about the product itself. 

The product comes in a heavy and sturdy glass jar, which, looks very luxurious. As you can see from the photos, it's a powdered product which needs to be activated with water, after which it takes the form of a whipped mousse (which is because of sodium bicarbonate) in it. You can read the complete ingredient list here. Most of its ingredient are natural and organic and a lot of them are from kitchen, e.g. nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, that are being used in skin care for ages. 

Now, sodium bicarbonate could be a controversial ingredient for some. So, I wrote to them asking about it and the brand's Director for Care, Elli Alarie was very kind to respond to my query and explain more about it. Below is the exact text from her throwing more light on sodium bicarbonate. 

"I would be happy to expand more on this special formula. We include sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in both The Clean Dirt and The Problem Solver. It is important to balance the ph, and so we always use sodium bicarbonate in combination with vitamin C. These, along with mineral rich salts, come together to create the fizzing, mousse effect The Clean Dirt and The Problem Solver are known for. Besides being a fun experience, this reaction also has a positive effect on your complexion. In this state, sodium bicarbonate is neutralized. It provides highly effective exfoliation, brightening and toning the skin, reducing congestion and stagnation, and providing natural antibacterial properties that are helpful in acne prone and reactive complexions." 

She further explained that the ratio of the mask and water is very important:

"Ratio is so important with The Problem Solver. I want to ensure you reach the intended texture for the full benefit. Blend one tablespoon powder with just shy of one tablespoon water so you are able to indulge in a rich, luscious texture, and expand the benefits to your neck and décolleté. This is the ultimate experience. Don't skimp on powder or you will miss out - too much water and you'll find that the formula becomes thin and transparent. In time, I promise this becomes incredibly simple and intuitive, but at least in the beginning, we definitely encourage you to utilize a measuring spoon. I have used The Problem Solver literally hundreds of times over the years, and I still measure every single time for ease. :)"

She also explained about mixing it with a brush for more smoother consistency;

"I would also highly recommend mixing The Problem Solver with our treatment brush, or a flat foundation brush. It makes all the difference in your experience as it activates The Problem Solver and forms a soft mousse, ideal for the blending process, as well as an enjoyable application of the masque. You can absolutely use a spoon, but it will be more difficult to bind it properly without losing the airiness. A brush helps you to achieve the gorgeous texture you are seeking."

I also asked here, if I could play more with it and add rose water, aloe vera gel, etc. to it for further benefits from the mask. I am eager to try this mask with rose water, aloe vera gel and yogurt. 

"The Problem Solver is also beautiful mixed with The Jasmine Garden, fresh tea, raw honey, yogurt or any number of other skin-friendly goodies. Don't be afraid to play. I personally love to add rose water for an extra special treat when I use The Problem Solver. :)"

As you can tell by now, I am very impressed with this mask. The only con of this product is its price - USD 100.00, which is insanely pricey for a mask. But, you get 250 gms of product, I need about 3/4 quarter of a small spoon for one use. If you could justify this price (because I can justify just about anything, so I am not an ideal person to tell anything about it) go ahead and try this mask. The brand recommends using it twice a week, but, I use it only once for how pricey it is and I don't want to finish this off sooner. The brands also recommends using it three days in a row just before any special occasion, which I am going to try soon as we have a wedding in the family in May. 

I hope the review was helpful and thanks Parita for introducing me to this wonderful brand/ mask and thanks Rashmi for developing my interest and making me understand how important in skin care is. 

Lots of Love


  1. Omggggggg ..... I was delaying reading this post ..... hoe idiot I'm at times ....

    thank youuuuuu yaaa for thr kind mention ... I seriously feel bad for friends ot relatives who thinks skincare is least required ....

    I'm glad that this turned out to be wonderful product for you ... am gonna borrow a spoon or two from you and will buy later .......our skin is the most valuable thing like our body and needs extra care as you say ....

    no compromise

    1. I love you dear.. and you can definitely try this yaar.. u r always welcome :-)


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