Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Empties Favourites and Repurchases 2016

Remember me!?

I am still there and have not abandoned this little place on the web. I know, this is my first post in many months and can't believe time just flew away in a woosh. 

Last few months just came and went and kept me very busy. Despite my busy schedule, I did manage to sneak out time for makeup and skin care and I did manage to use up a few products and I am glad that I was able to finish up two foundations. 

So, thought, why not start the new year in this little space on the web with empties post. 

Lets start with makeup - I am so glad that I finished two base products last year. Dior Forever Flawless Finish foundation (Read: Longest Wearing Base for more on this foundation) and IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF50+. Dior Forever was my go-to base for office and everyday wear as it would prevent my skin from getting oily and would look natural. I used shade 30 in this foundation. Dior have reformulated this foundation and I would like to give it a go. But, certainly not in near future as I am contemplating at finishing more base products before buying a new one. IT cosmetics CC cream was nice, but, too glowy & dewy for my skin type and the shade was also a little off. I used shade Tan in this foundation, which was little too deep and beige for my complexion. Wish there were more shades in this foundation as I liked using it during drier months when my skin is more combination than oily. 

Next up are three mascaras - I know there are only two in the photos but the third tube of mascara I lost or threw away! Let's first talk about good things. Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara is so good. Best mascara ever. It volumizes, lengthens and doesn't budge at all. I already have back-up of this one. I got mine from Neiman Marcus. The one that I lost was Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyes mascara. This was also a great mascara in terms of volumizing but I cannot clearly remember how it lasted on my watery eyes. And the last one was Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess (Waterproof). A major fail for me as it didn't do anything for my lashes. But, because I paid so much for my I managed to work it with a sample of Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara (Read here). 

The other make-up products that I manage to finish were Anastasia Browwiz. These are the only brow products that I have been using for last couple of years. I tried shades Medium Brown and Soft Brown (yet to finish) last year and now I think I have concluded that I like Chocolate shade the most on me (there are two empties of this shade), but, I am also slightly leaning towards Soft Brown as it looks very natural on my brows. Will update if I have decided on which shade I like more. I currently have Soft Brown and Chocolate in rotation. 

Let's now talk about skin care products. My skin did not behave well last year and I tried a bunch of new products. 

First up - Sunday Riley Good Genes - this, as Ruth of A Model Recommends says, is wolf in sheep's clothing. This stuff actually works. As this is an exfoliating product, I see my acne clearing up faster when I use it regularly and my skin looks much more firmer and smoother. I noticed the difference when I ran out of it and I had break-outs and they just refused to go and I finally bought the second bottle for me and I can see my breakouts clearing up and dark spots and pigmentation lightening. I can't stop raving about this product. I use this at night with Sunday Riley Luna Oil or MV Organics Rose Plus Booster and this combo works wonder. I see my skin brighter and clearer and plump next morning. 

I tried a bunch of cleansers last year and the one that really stood out for me were Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Skin Clay Cleaner and Oskia Renaissance Cleanser (I used up a small sample size bottle and recently opened the regular size bottle, which, I forgot at mom's place). The Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip cleanser is so good. I can see my skin is brighter and clearer after using this. I prefer using this in the evening to take all the grime out of skin. I am on my second bottle currently and I missed it until I had a new one). 

During early 2016, I tried a bunch of MV Organics skin care and finished up using MV Organic Rose Soothing and Protective Moisturizer. During the first half of 2016, when I used to travel very frequently my skin was very dry and this was my everyday moisturizer. This was also a saviour for me during winters when I was in Indore for 3 weeks for my brother's wedding. My skin was very dry there and it just worked like a miracle and my skin would get super soft and hydrated. Good point about this moisturiser is that you need very tiny amount as this is a very thick moisturiser. Now, that my skin is back to being oily, I don't think, I am going to repurchase it sooner. I used it up as night moisturiser and recently finished it up. So, technically not a 2016 empty! I accept that I am cheating here! 

Also, finished up my Clarins Hydraquench moisturiser jar, which, was like a staple until I discovered Sunday Riley Enzyme Water cream and I am afraid that I love it and consider this to be my holy grain moisturiser. I am almost at the bottom of Sunday Riley Enzyme Water Cream and using it sparingly until I gather the courage to buy this USD 65 moisturiser. Currently, I am also using Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base and liking it so far. 

I was majorly into oils last year (from middle of 2015, actually) and got myself Clarins Orchid Oil as my skin was dehydrated because of continuously spending time in Air Conditioners (these are must in Mumbai weather). I liked it, but, not going to repurchase as I am loving my Luna and Rose Plus Booster oils. 

So, this was all about the makeup and skincare empties of 2016. So, of all these products, that really stood out for me were Sunday Riley skincare and Marc Jacobs mascara. And, as already mentioned I have already repurchased these items. 

Hope this post made some sense to some of you out there and hope my empties product list grow longer in 2017. 

Lots of Love

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