Monday, 7 November 2016

The Hype is real about Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette & some M.A.C. dupes/ comparisons

Hello Everyone,

I fell for the hype around the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette and I agree that hype is so real and so worth it. These eye shadows are buttery smooth and blend effortlessly without any patchiness, whatsoever. 

Whether you like colourful shadows or a neutral shadows lover, I like both, you would love this palette, because you need that neutral blending colour to ground the look or that dark brown/ black colour to add smokiness. But, yes, this palette is neutral eye shadow lover's dream. If you are a neutral eye shadows lover, this palette is all that you need.

I love how sleek the cardboard packaging is and how nicely they have arranged the actual eye shadows based on their colour family - as you can tell they have grouped neutral brown shades (in the left group), cool brown/ black shades (in the middle group) and warm brown shades (in the right most group) together. 

I will be honest I haven't done any hard core eye look with these eye shadows (read very dramatic using 10 different eye shadows), but, I have used almost all the shades in the palette in some way or the other and I love all of them. And of all the shadows, the winner, IMO, is the black. I have not come across such an intense black that is so smooth.

While I was playing with this palette, I also thought of taking out some of my M.A.C. eye shadows to compare and find some dupes. Its not easy to get our hands on this palette in India. 

I thought, the warmest brown in the top row, was similar to Soft Brown or Texture from M.A.C., but, its not. The KVD shade is much lighter and paler than the other two.

Bottom to Top: M.A.C. Soft Brown, Texture and KVD e/s (warmest brown from the top row)
The middle eye shadow from the top row is similar to M.A.C. Wedge in the intensity, the later being more warm. The KVD shade is much cooler and more taupe. I can see this shade suiting fairer/ lighter complexion girls/ boys for contouring.

Bottom to Top: M.A.C. Wedge, KVD e/s (Taupe brown from the top row)
First shade from left in the bottom row is quite similar to M.A.C. Cork eye shadow neutral medium brown, later e/s having more red undertones in it. 

Bottom to Top: M.A.C. Cork and KVD e/s (first medium brown shade from left in the bottom row)
Second e/s from left in the bottom row is again medium brown - slightly warmer and deeper than the first shade. I compare it with M.A.C. Corduroy.

Top to Bottom: KVD e/s (warm medium brown second from left in the bottom row) and M.A.C. Cork
The third shadow in the bottom row is cool / ashy toned flesh shadow. I don't have anything similar to this shade in my collection. 

Fourth shadow in the bottom row is a deep ashy brown and it is very similar to MAC Brun. 

Top to Bottom: KVD e/s (4th from left) and M.A.C. Brun 
Next up is black, and it is the softest and most pigmented black I have ever seen. The swatch comparison vis-à-vis M.A.C. Carbon e/s 

Top to Bottom: KVD Black and M.A.C. Carbon
Last e/s in this group is bone color shade and again I don't have anything similar to this in my collection. 

First, shade in the warm group is a warm reddish orangy brown. I thought this was similar to M.A.C. Brown Script, but, the later has more orange tones in it and KVD has more red in it. 

Top to Bottom: KVD e/s (orangey brown shade) and M.A.C. Brown Script
Second shade in the warm e/s group is a deep mocha color and is very similar to M.A.C. Espresso e/s 

Top to Bottom: KVD e/s (middle shade in warm e/s group) and M.A.C. Espresso
And last e/s in the warm group is a pale peach shade, which is almost same shade as my forearm and again I couldn't find anything similar to this shade in my stash. 

Here's a simple warm brown smokey eyes look I created using only this palette. 

Hope this post was somewhat helpful and interesting. 

Edit: If you made it this far, you probably know that I love this palette and would recommend it to everyone who love makeup, not for hoarding, but as a staple basic palette in your stash. 

Lots of love


  1. Such a great palette. liked it.

  2. Tooooottally looks like my kind of palette.

    1. Yes, its a neutral eye shadows' lover's paradise :-)


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