Saturday, 23 July 2016

Current obsession | Orange/ Warm Orangey Red Lipsticks

Hello Everyone, 

The weather in Mumbai is so awesome - chilly winds, rains and a hot cup of tea. But, I hate the gloominess this weather brings.

To perk up the mood in this dull and gloomy weather I have really been liking these firey orange and warm orangey red lipsticks. No bias, I love them all and it was quite fun to wear them all this week to prepare for this post.

When I laid all the orange and orangey Red lipsticks that I have in my stash to take photos, my husband asked me 'aren't all these same?' I tried hard to convince him that these are different, but failed. Only a make-up enthusiast like me would understand how different these shades are. I wish the lighting was better and it was bright sunny day, it would have been easier to capture the difference and my arm swatches would have looked a lot better. However, the difference in shades is more noticeable in my face swatches (IMO). 

Left to Right: MAC Lady Danger, MAC So Chaud, Nars Annabella, Rouge d'Armani Lasting Satin Lipstick #401, Armani Lips Maestro #401
Top: Jeffree Star Anna Nicole, Armany Rouge Ecstacy Lacquer Lip Gloss #400

Bottom to Top: MAC So Chaud, Lady Danger, Rouge d'Armani Lasting Satin Lipstick #401, Nars Annabella, Jeffree Star Anna Nicole, Armani Lips Maestro #401, Armany Rouge Ecstacy Lacquer Lip Gloss #400
I will try to briefly explain each of these lipsticks:

M.A.C. So Chaud is described as a matte bright reddish orange but this pulls out more orange and its yellow and neon undertones are prominent on my warm tanned skin tone. 

M.A.C. Lady Danger a cult classic from the brand and Nic's (from Pixiwoos) favorite is deeper reddish orange/ coral in it and it looks exactly like this on me. This one is satin in finish and is more shinier than So Chaud, but, not glossy at all. 

Rouge d' Armani Lasting Satin Lipstick #400 is a true reddish orange - more red than orange in - glossier in initial application than a traditional satin finish lipstick, but, sets to a stain alike in few minutes. 

Armani Lip Maestro #400 is a fiery orangey, warm and bright red, the lipstick's couter part in (nearly) a liquid lip version. This picture is from the past and you can find the look here. It sets to a more

Jeffee Star Anna Nicole is a true orange with red undertones and it is a flat matte finish. This pic is again from the past (but recent) and you can find the whole look here.

Nars Audacious Lipstick in Annabella is a warm red and deepest in this lot. I also see a bit of pink hue in it.

Armani Rouge Ecstasy Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss #400 is a warm red, but, it looks more of an orangey - red on me and is glossiest of the lot.

Too much orange and red, and I am sure you all must be confused by now! So, guys what you all think, are all these same or different? What ya think about my descriptions? Is it even closer to what it looks? 

Happy weekend! 

Lots of Love


  1. No, I think these all look different. I can tell they are different.

    My favorite orange is Milani Sweet Nectar. I just bought MAC Lover's Lane and it's a reddish-orange.

    1. High Five girl friend that your could see the colours difference.. lol :-D ;-)

  2. Sorry to hear the weatherh as been so gloomy. Nothing like a bit of lipstick to literally brighten up your day! Reds look beautiful on you.

    1. Its going to be like this for couple of months more and October is going to be HORRIBLE.

  3. Love the orange shade. You look so beautiful.


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