Thursday, 30 June 2016

Review: Oskia Renaissance Mask

Hello Everyone, 

Today, I am gonna talk about the award winning mask from British skincare company Oskia - Renaissance Mask

A little bit of background before I start - I have extremely problematic skin - dehydrated oily-combination skin with dry spots around my mouth and nose and very old acne scars. All problems that one can imagine! To make things worse, I was breaking out severely because of some health issues. To combat this, in addition to making and amping up my skin care I changed a few things in diet like a dose of apple cider vinegar, couple of fruits a day and water melon juice and not to mentioned liters of water to just flush out the gunk from my body. 

One such thing that I wanted to really include more frequently was a face mask that was nourishing and had brightening properties. I heard a lot of British bloggers raving about this mask and ever since I wanted to splurge and was gathering courage to spend £50.0 on a 50 ml jar of  face mask. One day when I was really depressed with my skin I gave in to the temptation to try this luxurious mask (thanks to my friend Rashmi) and placed an order on Cult Beauty

To start with the packaging this mask comes in an obnoxiously larger outer cardboard box, and what comes out is relatively smaller glass tub with a salmon colored gooey and solidified gel like thing, which actually is the mask. Once you rip open the jar there is a separator lid and a spatula to take out the product, which is awesome for a jar packaging! 

Before jumping in the tub of goodness, just throwing in some knowledge on science  behind this mask gathered from Wikipedia and other websites about Lactic Acid. This mask is a Lactic Acid, a type of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), based treatment mask which has exfoliating properties revealing younger looking smoother skin. AHA's are derived from fruits and milk sugars - Lactic Acid being derived from milk of course. It is believed that AHA's reduce the appearance of wrinkles, making it smoother and with regular use it can reduce uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation. It also believed to help improve the production of collagen improving skin's elasticity.  

Now, lets talk about the mask - when you see it in the jar it looks like a solidified gel. But, when u rub it on the skin, it turns white and becomes creamy and milky - its a Lactic Acid mask after all. However, it again turns gel like, shiny transparent film on the skin in few minutes after applying. Not to mention it smells divine. 

It is recommended to keep this mask on for about 15-20 minutes but for much better results I prefer keeping it on for about an hour. Guys, the difference is noticeable and amazing. I can see my active zits and acne dry sooner when I apply this mask and my skin is so supple, bright, awake and smooth like a baby's butt. Though, I would say that there is minimal affect on my scars and pigmentation, the texture of my skin has improved and it is smooth like never before. I do not have many wrinkles per say so, I am not very sure of how it would work on them. 

I consider this mask more of morning mask when you want that kick for your skin to look nicer and brighter through the day. 

In the past what ever masks that I have used, I have noticed that affect doesn't last for many days, but, with this mask - the glow and brightness lasts for couple of days. 

It is also recommended to use this mask twice a week, but, mid-week I use a clay based mask to unclog my pores and cleanse in general. So, effectively I use this once a week and I can see the difference in the quality of my skin (of course credit goes to my current skin care regime and changed eating style also). 

EDIT: Don't forget to apply sunscreen post using this mask, which is a must after exfoliating your skin. 

I have been using this mask for over a couple months now and I will recommend it to all, of course if you are ready to splurge! 

Before, I end the post I would like to add a disclaimer sort that I am not a skin expert and I recommend you do your research well, if this mask will work for you, before splurging on this mask. 

Hope this review was helpful!

Lots of Love


  1. Good to hear the effects actually last for a couple days.

    1. Yes, Melissa that the reason why I like this mask most :-)

  2. Really very helpful review. Thanks for the review.


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