Thursday, 10 March 2016

Rediscovering from stash - old favorites | M.A.C. Lipsticks in Up the Amp and So Chaud

Hey Guys,

It happens with most of us makeup hoarders that we buy new stuff and leave older stuff (which isn't old by any means) to gather dust and die. I am guilty of doing this for past many years. When I started my make-up adventure I was on spree to collect all MAC lipstick, which faded over the years and I branched out to other brands. And when I saw my overflowing lipstick drawer I realized the time for major declutter has arrived. 

When I was decluttering my lipstick stash over the weekend and found these two lipsticks lying somewhere deep down - unused for many months and probably years - which I used to love back then. These were Up the Amp, a bright purple shade leaning blue and So Chaud, a bright Orange. I pulled them out to give them some love this week and both the shades happen to perfect shades for the season. 

You can see from the pictured below that these are hardly used and I feel ashamed of not using these beautiful shades much. 

So Chaud is like in your face bright which I have paired with a smudged kohl and matching bronzy-orange cheeks. 

Up the Amp is a tricky shade for me and it dulls down my complexion very easily so, I generally pair it with a bright pink blush and defined eyes to draw some attention away from lips. I also changed my brow pencil for this look from my usual ABH Chocolate and used Medium Brown which more ashy and cool toned, so that Chocolates warm tones don't conflict with cool toned lips & cheeks. 

Left: MAC Up the Amp ; Right: So Chaud

Left: So Chaud ; Right: Up the Amp

MAC So Chaud

MAC Up the Amp
I love this rediscovering of old favs in my stash of make-up. I hope you like it to. How do you really ensure that you are using old fav stuff? Have you rediscovered something new which was your fav in the past? If you would like to read these posts, I will continue doing this with other stuff as well. Lemme know! 

Lots of Love


  1. So Chaud does its name just, looks really hot on you!

    1. Thank Melissa :-)

      Have you tried So Chaud? Do you like it?

  2. I like 1st one that color is awesome. your Eyes is very pretty.

  3. Realizing that I am tending to accumulate tons of products and wasting a lot of my hard earned money, I have started religiously doing empties and project pans which is actually helping a lot. You could check it out. Might consider joining me in project pans too.

  4. Seriously both shades are awesome. Loved it.


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