Monday, 21 March 2016

Current Favourite Perfume | Chanel EDT Chance Eau Vive

Hey Guys,

So, the weather has finally started warming (read heating) up in Mumbai. Last weekend was horribly hot for March and I am so not liking it. And the weather has started showing its effects on my body - I have upset stomach for last couple of weeks - severe acidity and I can feel the heat in my body. My face is exploding with break outs and zits. Not a very pleasant start to summers, for sure. My stomach is much better today I can see that my zits have also dried a bit. Sorry, for such a sad intro but I am really freaking out because of it! 

However, there is one thing that is keeping me calm and refreshed in this not so pleasant situation - Chanel EDT Chance Eau Vive. I love fragrances but never indulged in designer perfumes and never even read about them. Recently I have developed an interest in perfumes and I now have two designer perfumes. The only perfume that I used to wear was Davidoff Cool Blue all these years and whatever my friends/ family would gift. I don't consider myself well educated to review a perfume, but, however naive I may sound I wanted to share my thoughts and excitement of owning a designer perfume on my blog. 

Chanel one being my first designer perfume. Love its opening citrus notes and as the time goes on I can also sense jasmine and white musk. Eau Vive is quite a mild scent and a great elegant one for everyday wear. I love its fresh scent so much that I literally drench myself in it. However, it doesn't last long - 4 to 5 hours max. If you want to read more about it in detail check out its details at Fragrantica here. The baby pink liquor is housed in a sleek glass bottle with a frosted plastic cap, which I adore. It costed me a bomb, but, fragrance wise I would say its not overwhelming, but, pretty decent and I am loving it currently. 

I am in search of a rose scent for this season that is not too strong and rose-y. I am considering Roses by Chloe. Do you have any other recommendations that I should check out, do share below in the comments.

Lots of Love


  1. Pleasures by Estee Lauder is a good rose-y perfume!

    1. Thanks for reco Sheetal, I will surely check it out XX

  2. I love light fragnances. This looks nice :)

  3. I like this one as well!

  4. Love this perfume. Look so nice.


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