Thursday, 4 February 2016

Review: Tom Ford Blush in Ravish

Hey Guys,

I am reviewing of a blush in a very very long time. Well, I haven't bought any in a long time.. the last blush that I bought was Tom Ford Ravish from Singapore. When I went to Tom Ford counter I wasn't sure which blush I wanted and loved most, so, I tried 4 different blushes (I don't remember now which others I tried) and liked Ravish the most on me.

I had vague idea that Ravish was not the most famous and talk about blush, so, I wasn't 100% sure about buying despite the fact I really like how it looked on me. I couldn't digest the fact that I was about buy an expensive Tom Ford without checkout reviews on the internet, such technology slaves we have become, that we don't believe our own experience! So, I decided to not be a slave and listened to my inner voice and settled for Ravish.

And, once back home I ripped open all my Tom Ford goodies and the product that I liked most was this blush. Ravish is such a complex shade - its brown, plum, pink and a bit rouge - and as soon as I swatched it on my arm and applied it on my bare face I was blown away, like literally, with my mouth wide open. When I looked at it very closely I could see some pink/ fuchsia shimmer running through it. There's nothing in my collection that is even an mm closer to Ravish. I thanked God for believing in myself and settling for it.

I can see this blush suiting a multitude of complexions and especially on Indian tan/ dusky/ brown skins. However, this could be a little bit too much more intense for those with very fair complexions. I think this could be an ultimate Indian bridal blush complementing wide range of dresses and eye make-up for how unique this shade is.

Ravish is crazy pigmented, so, you have to be careful while applying. I just tap my brush lightly in the pan it picks up enough product. I like the fact that it doesn't kick too much pigment out. The pigments are so finely milled and buttery smooth that no blending is required, whatsoever. This stays put through out the day on me without getting patchy or fading, until I remove it in the evening.

Now, when you are at a Tom Ford counter, you probably know that you are at a luxury beauty stop and you are not expected to be shocked, but, I was when the lady at the counter told me SGD 85.00 (somewhere close to INR 4000.00). I was so sure that I was going to skip it without having checked any reviews online. But, thank God I did not skip as this such a unique colour and is so pretty.

I love this blush despite the fact how crazy expensive these blushes are. If you are and Indian/ Soth Asia and going to be a bride soon and have a budget, give this Tom Ford Ravish blush a go, I promise you will not be disappointed and if you are into bridal make-up you have to have this blush in you kit. However, I am not sure if I am going to spend such a bomb on another Tom Ford blush, I mean rather than hoarding I would like to spend such a bomb (or more) and get myself a Christian Loubotin, I mean why not (dreaming ...).

A small disclaimer: Because I have been taking my pictures very early in the morning when there is direct sun light in my room, the camera was washing out the blush and I had to really build it up so that the camera could pick it up. 

Tom Ford goodies have been the my most expensive adventure ever since I got hooked to makeup. I would now like to try the Moonlight sculpting palette, brow pencils and its newly launched eye shadow palettes for sure and may be a must have shade from his Lips and Boys collection. Well, already have list ready.

I hope you guys like the blush and found the review helpful. 

Lots of Love


  1. My first and hopefully not last TF blus.. LoOKS v good on u

  2. Fantastic choice, I think I would have picked the same one! Such a pretty shade!

  3. What a gorgeous shade Eeshaaa :D :D


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