Thursday, 18 February 2016

Let's sing to the 90's tune with Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in 1995

Hey Guys, 

I grew up in 90's and whenever I listen to 90's songs on FM I feel so nostalgic - remembering about good old school days. Those were the days when I was most carefree, full of energy and far away from this beautiful world of make-up. I was not allowed to wear any make-up and  only 'make-up' I wore was a sunscreen and a lip guard. However, I used to be fascinated with my mom's nail polishes and lipsticks, which had numerous shades of brown. Brown lip was such an in thing in 90's. 

Fast forward to few years back when I started indulging into make-up I started hating all sorts of brown make-up and believed browns made my complexion look dull and less lively. Fast forward to today, thanks to Kylie Jennar who has brought back the 90's brown lip trend. Many brands started releasing brown lipsticks and many of friends and YouTuber's/ bloggers started to sing to the tunes of 90's and secretly deep inside my heart I also started getting the feel of 90's and soon jumped into the bandwagon of brown lip trend. And can you tell from my past few posts that I am also on matte lip mode right now!! 

Today I own many shades of brown - from natural nude shades to dark browns - and I tell you I am quite loving it. One such brown lipstick is 1995 from Urban Decay Matte Revolution range. This is my first brown shade and when I bought it, I was very skeptical but the make-up enthusiast in me wanted to at least try it. I didn't like it at all on me first couple of times and went deep inside my highly unorganized drawer of lipsticks. But, deep withing I was very guilty of buying and not using it. 

This month, I decided to give it another shot and I must admit, I am really really loving it. Now I think about as to why I didn't like it at first, the only reason that I could think of is I was prejudiced and judgmental. Procrastinating judgment helped, the first management principals I learned in college which I totally forgot about. 

1995 is a beautiful shade of brown that has hints of pink and mauve in it. When I was editing the pictures for this post, I wondered if the shade was similar to Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate. I don't see any hint of red or grey in it and that's what makes it wearable of everyday. On my tanned olive skin tone, its a straight forward darker nude. I love how easy to wear this shade is and it doesn't conflict with rest of the make-up. I believe this shade would work for all skin colors - from very fair to medium to tan to brown complexions. I don't see this color washing out fair skinned women's complexion making them look even more paler. I also don't see this color looking ghostly white in darker brown skin women. 

The Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipsticks' formula is creamy-matte than powdery (think Ruby Woo) or velvety (CT Matte lipsticks, which I loveee) matte. Its extremely light weight and glides on super easy on my lips without tugging or pulling. I love that this is not drying on lips through the day and does not accentuate dry chapped lips and fine lines, which you can tell from the pictures. I get full opaque coverage in one pass on my pigmented lips. Love this lipstick! 

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipsticks retail for USD 22.00 and these are not available in India. However, there are many e-commerce websites that ship Urban Decay to India, Nordstrom, Selfridges, Beauty Bay, etc. 

Are you also on brown and matte lip bandwagon like me? Which is your favorite matte brown shade? 

Lots of Love, 


  1. It looks sooooo good on you! This is absolutely the 90s lip done right :-)

  2. This is stunnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr on you Eesha :) and you kill me with those lashes every timeeee

  3. All are awesome colors. I want all right away. And every color suits you dear, perfect post for the lipstick lover like me.

  4. You look simply cute. Awesome shade.


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