Thursday, 18 February 2016

Let's sing to the 90's tune with Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipstick in 1995

Hey Guys, 

I grew up in 90's and whenever I listen to 90's songs on FM I feel so nostalgic - remembering about good old school days. Those were the days when I was most carefree, full of energy and far away from this beautiful world of make-up. I was not allowed to wear any make-up and  only 'make-up' I wore was a sunscreen and a lip guard. However, I used to be fascinated with my mom's nail polishes and lipsticks, which had numerous shades of brown. Brown lip was such an in thing in 90's. 

Fast forward to few years back when I started indulging into make-up I started hating all sorts of brown make-up and believed browns made my complexion look dull and less lively. Fast forward to today, thanks to Kylie Jennar who has brought back the 90's brown lip trend. Many brands started releasing brown lipsticks and many of friends and YouTuber's/ bloggers started to sing to the tunes of 90's and secretly deep inside my heart I also started getting the feel of 90's and soon jumped into the bandwagon of brown lip trend. And can you tell from my past few posts that I am also on matte lip mode right now!! 

Today I own many shades of brown - from natural nude shades to dark browns - and I tell you I am quite loving it. One such brown lipstick is 1995 from Urban Decay Matte Revolution range. This is my first brown shade and when I bought it, I was very skeptical but the make-up enthusiast in me wanted to at least try it. I didn't like it at all on me first couple of times and went deep inside my highly unorganized drawer of lipsticks. But, deep withing I was very guilty of buying and not using it. 

This month, I decided to give it another shot and I must admit, I am really really loving it. Now I think about as to why I didn't like it at first, the only reason that I could think of is I was prejudiced and judgmental. Procrastinating judgment helped, the first management principals I learned in college which I totally forgot about. 

1995 is a beautiful shade of brown that has hints of pink and mauve in it. When I was editing the pictures for this post, I wondered if the shade was similar to Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate. I don't see any hint of red or grey in it and that's what makes it wearable of everyday. On my tanned olive skin tone, its a straight forward darker nude. I love how easy to wear this shade is and it doesn't conflict with rest of the make-up. I believe this shade would work for all skin colors - from very fair to medium to tan to brown complexions. I don't see this color washing out fair skinned women's complexion making them look even more paler. I also don't see this color looking ghostly white in darker brown skin women. 

The Urban Decay Matte Revolution lipsticks' formula is creamy-matte than powdery (think Ruby Woo) or velvety (CT Matte lipsticks, which I loveee) matte. Its extremely light weight and glides on super easy on my lips without tugging or pulling. I love that this is not drying on lips through the day and does not accentuate dry chapped lips and fine lines, which you can tell from the pictures. I get full opaque coverage in one pass on my pigmented lips. Love this lipstick! 

Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipsticks retail for USD 22.00 and these are not available in India. However, there are many e-commerce websites that ship Urban Decay to India, Nordstrom, Selfridges, Beauty Bay, etc. 

Are you also on brown and matte lip bandwagon like me? Which is your favorite matte brown shade? 

Lots of Love, 

Monday, 15 February 2016

Review: Burberry Lip Velvet #421 Rosewood

Hi Guys, 

Hope you all are enjoying last few days of winters as spring (read hot weather Mumbaikars) is just around the corner. Gone are the days of rouge, deep, dark and vampy lips and here comes the days where you wish to pull out more brights and pastels, pinks and corals, purples and oranges. (But, I care a damn about weather or which time of the year it is to wear any shade of lipstick and I wonder who cares in real life if not for the sake of beauty blogs). This is the right time to show your guys this beautiful soft pink that I accidentally stumbles upon. 

When I was at Sephora at Orchard, Singapore I was so overwhelmed by seeing all the brands and products I dream of day & night under one roof that I cannot explain in words. I was acting like a kid in candy store, touch and trying each product to feel them and confirm if they are real! While I was strolling in the beautiful aisles of Sephora, I stopped at Burberry and randomly swatched a few things including their lipsticks. Once done with roaming in aisles aimlessly with my eyes and mouth wide open, I had to decide what I wanted to buy. I carefully looked at the random lipstick swatches on my arm and I was immediately drawn to this beautiful pink shade and not sure which brand it was. So, I again went to each brands' counter to find the exact shade. I also took help from one the lovely SA and she immediately recognized it. It was Burberry Lip Velvet in Rosewood. 

Burberry Lip Velvet lipsticks are not new but this is my first encounter with Burberry Beauty and I tell you it was quite a lovely encounter. I love love love this shade. Such a gorgeous everyday neutral pink which goes with almost all the outfits and make-up. For medium-tan-brown women, this is a great office shade that immediately perks up the complexion and looks very sophisticated and not in your face types. On my tanned olive skin tone it pulls out to be more muted neutral pink and I feel this pink will look nice on a variety of skin tones. Because its a muted pink, it will also look good on very fair skin women without washing out their complexion which darker and deeper shades may do at times. 

Love the velvet matte formula inspired by most opulent English fabrics, which the company defines as soft matte that glides on effortlessly to give opaque coverage in single stroke. It comes in 10 runway inspired shades from nudes to reds to bright and soft pinks like Rosewood to vampy Oxblood shades. The formula is feathery light and it does glide on smoothly without tugging or pulling. The formula is matte but it has a luminosity which doesn't make it flat matte and non drying on lips. The similar formula I have tried is Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution lipsticks. 

The gunmetal packaging of Burberry products is so sophisticated and luxurious, according to me, that it will make heads turn when you take it out off your bag for touch ups in your offices' rest rooms. The typical Burberry checkered pattern on the packaging as well as on the bullet is pretty and classy. Love the magnetic cap, which makes it even more classy. 

Scroll down for pictures and a simple FOTD, details of which can be found here

I haven't seen many reviews of Burberry Lip Velvet online which really surprised me. Have you tried Lip Velvets and which other shade do you guys recommend. I am thinking Oxblood or Military Red or Poppy Red or all 10 shades. Haha..

Hope you guys find the review helpful.

Lots of Love

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Review: Tom Ford Blush in Ravish

Hey Guys,

I am reviewing of a blush in a very very long time. Well, I haven't bought any in a long time.. the last blush that I bought was Tom Ford Ravish from Singapore. When I went to Tom Ford counter I wasn't sure which blush I wanted and loved most, so, I tried 4 different blushes (I don't remember now which others I tried) and liked Ravish the most on me.

I had vague idea that Ravish was not the most famous and talk about blush, so, I wasn't 100% sure about buying despite the fact I really like how it looked on me. I couldn't digest the fact that I was about buy an expensive Tom Ford without checkout reviews on the internet, such technology slaves we have become, that we don't believe our own experience! So, I decided to not be a slave and listened to my inner voice and settled for Ravish.

And, once back home I ripped open all my Tom Ford goodies and the product that I liked most was this blush. Ravish is such a complex shade - its brown, plum, pink and a bit rouge - and as soon as I swatched it on my arm and applied it on my bare face I was blown away, like literally, with my mouth wide open. When I looked at it very closely I could see some pink/ fuchsia shimmer running through it. There's nothing in my collection that is even an mm closer to Ravish. I thanked God for believing in myself and settling for it.

I can see this blush suiting a multitude of complexions and especially on Indian tan/ dusky/ brown skins. However, this could be a little bit too much more intense for those with very fair complexions. I think this could be an ultimate Indian bridal blush complementing wide range of dresses and eye make-up for how unique this shade is.

Ravish is crazy pigmented, so, you have to be careful while applying. I just tap my brush lightly in the pan it picks up enough product. I like the fact that it doesn't kick too much pigment out. The pigments are so finely milled and buttery smooth that no blending is required, whatsoever. This stays put through out the day on me without getting patchy or fading, until I remove it in the evening.

Now, when you are at a Tom Ford counter, you probably know that you are at a luxury beauty stop and you are not expected to be shocked, but, I was when the lady at the counter told me SGD 85.00 (somewhere close to INR 4000.00). I was so sure that I was going to skip it without having checked any reviews online. But, thank God I did not skip as this such a unique colour and is so pretty.

I love this blush despite the fact how crazy expensive these blushes are. If you are and Indian/ Soth Asia and going to be a bride soon and have a budget, give this Tom Ford Ravish blush a go, I promise you will not be disappointed and if you are into bridal make-up you have to have this blush in you kit. However, I am not sure if I am going to spend such a bomb on another Tom Ford blush, I mean rather than hoarding I would like to spend such a bomb (or more) and get myself a Christian Loubotin, I mean why not (dreaming ...).

A small disclaimer: Because I have been taking my pictures very early in the morning when there is direct sun light in my room, the camera was washing out the blush and I had to really build it up so that the camera could pick it up. 

Tom Ford goodies have been the my most expensive adventure ever since I got hooked to makeup. I would now like to try the Moonlight sculpting palette, brow pencils and its newly launched eye shadow palettes for sure and may be a must have shade from his Lips and Boys collection. Well, already have list ready.

I hope you guys like the blush and found the review helpful. 

Lots of Love

Monday, 1 February 2016

Luminous Glowing Makeup + Mesmerizing Bronze Eyes - Date Night Make-up Look

Hey Guys, 

January just went past like zooo...m and we are in February already! Happy February! 

Over the weekend I just played with makeup and while I was roaming around the house with makeup on, we decided to go out for a small drive and little bit of 'us time'. 

The focus of this look was luminous skin and I spent most of my time in perfecting and getting a flawless skin. I was inspired by Charlotte Tilbury's latest video featuring her new lipsticks (watch here).   

Skin Prep starts a night before - For perfecting my skin I started by using my Alpha-H Liquid Gold a night before, which really helped regain the luster and glow back and also helped reducing pores. I love this stuff for it does, but, it didn't do much for my hyper-pigmentation. I am anyways almost at the bottom of the bottle and planing to give Sunday Riley Good Genes which I have heard is good for hyper-pigmentation. Any thoughts on this? Please share below in the comments, I would love to hear them out before buying! 

Cleanse - After morning chores and running some errands I cleansed my skin using Clinique Cleansing Balm by massaging it really really well (yep, I don't use it for removing make-up). 

Toner & Moisturizer - After thoroughly cleansing my skin, I used my Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner all over my face, which helped toning my skin and also removed any gunk left over. I then used my Clarins Hydraquench Moisturzing Gel Cream. I skipped SPF as I was just running errands and by the time we left home it was almost evening and hence, the post title 'Date Night Look'. However, use a SPF if your planning to rock this look during the day. 

Prime & Perfect - For my primer I used two primers. I rubbed Becca Back Light Primer Filter all over the face and then used Clinque Pore Minimizer on targeted areas such on my cheeks and around my nose. 

Luminous Base - To go with the theme of luminous and dewy look, I decided to go with my Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in #7.5. Since, my skin is more on dehydrated and the weather is also less humid, I can get away with all 'luminous' products without getting shiny. 

Correct & Conceal - This is the most important step in my make-up routine, as I have to conceal my dark circles as well as hyper-pigmentation marks. 

To conceal my dark circles I used my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Biscuit to correct the darkness under my eyes and MAC Prep+Prime Pen in Light Boost (yellow toned) to brighten underneath. I not only used this pen under my eyes, but also on other areas of my face wherever I wanted brightness (bridge of my nose, forehead and chin). 

To conceal my hyper-pigmentation marks from old acne, I used Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX11 (Love this stuff for spot concealing) using a fine liner brush. 

Frame the portrait - As they say, eye brows frame the face. For my brows I used Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz + dip brow in Chocolate and set the hair in place using her clear brow gel. 

Set the Base - To set my foundation and concealer I used Chanel Natural Finish Lose Powder which doesn't give a flat matte finish. Under my eyes I used my trustee Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

Bronze & Rosey Flush - Before I powdered my face using Chanel Natural Finish Lose Powder, I used Chanel Bronze Universal (Review here) and afterwards topped it with Lumière D'été Illumination Powder (LE, view in action here). As I was going was rosey flushed cheeks, I used MAC Cosmetics Blush in Dollymix. 

Glow that Face: For that intense glow and highlight I used Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Beige (review here). 

Eyes to Mesmerize: For getting the look of mesmerizing eyes I started with my trustee Urban Decay Primer Potion, which a must for me! For my eye shadows I used only one product - Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize in Bette, which is beautiful metallic bronze shade. MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood could be a good dupe. As wide elongated eyes look most flattering on me, I decided to a soft wing using Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Bourbon and Bourjois Eye Pencil in mettalic bronze shade in the lower water line. Per usual I used a black eye pencil in my upper water line to tightline. To finish the look, I applied couple of coats of L'oreal Million Lashes Mascara. 

Rose petal Pout - To mimic the look of rose petal, I applied MAC lipliner in Soar + Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro #501 (loving this combo lately, and hence found a place in my second consecutive blog post). 

And, this is the finished look (sorry for some sweaty-droplets as I was over enthusiastic about the look and lets face it, we are in Mumbai and during the day it's nowhere close to pleasant leave alone cold!). 

I hope you guys liked the look and detailed post about how I actually achieved the look. 

Share your thoughts on Sunday Riley Good Genes, as I am on the verge of buying it and I would like to learn as much about it as possible beforehand. 

Lots of Love