Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Review: Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation

Hey Guys,

Can't believe that January is almost over and I am still enjoying not so hot and humid weather of Mumbai and wishing it to not get over, ever! While that's never gonna happen, I bring to you a super long lasting foundation which I have been wearing quite a lot ever since I got it few months back! 

This foundation was a rage when it was launched internationally. However, it was never launched in India, for reasons best know to them! So, I bought this foundation online a few months ago based on online swatches and reviews and ended up buying a shade darker. However, I manage to work with it and it doesn't look awkward on me. 

This is serum based, highly fluid, sheer foundation which claims to provide a fresh and soft focus, naturally glowing, second skin like canvas. This foundation is loaded with lotta ingredients (blend of hyper oxygenated and cranberry oils), vitamins and minerals, which I am not aware how good/ bad they are for skin but most importantly it comes with sun protection of SPF 25+ which is always a plus point. 

This is my second Dior foundation - Diorskin Flawless Finish foundation was my first Dior foundation which I love - and Nude Air Serum foundation is no exception. I love how light weight and long wearing this foundation is - a great foundation for everyday wear, especially for work, almost undetectable if you are able to find a good match for yourself as the shade range is very limited - only 8 shades to cater to 1459932 hundred thousand women, which is very disappointing. 

Lets talk about the packaging of this foundation - come with a sturdy glass bottle (it has sustained many air travels) with a dropper to dispense out the product, which is quite in these days. However, I don't find this dropper packaging practical and hygienic - also I feel as the product if exposed to environment there are chances of oxidation of the product (but, I am no expert). 

The formula of this foundation is very very runny and it literally drips down the face. I usually place the product on to my face directly from the dropper. And just when I place the product on my face it starts dripping and when I start blending the foundation, I get that serum-y feel from the foundation as if I am blending a serum and not foundation! 

It sets quickly to a matte finish on my skin, which more combination with dryness on my cheeks and around my mouth. Few days back I was suffering from sever cold and I had severe dry patches around my nose, which this foundation exaggerated horribly. So, a heads up to my dry skin friends - exfoliate well and moisturize deeply if you want to play with this bad boy! This foundation also doesn't do anything for my pock marks from old acne. 

Another heads up for my friends with sensitive nose - like other Dior foundations, this foundation also has a floral fragrance, which could irritate you! 

This is surely a sheer coverage foundation - so don't expect it to cover you dark spots and pigmentation - but it covers enough to get an even skin tone which what I look for from an everyday foundation. 

As you can see from my bare face below - its quite problematic with dark spots and uneven skin tone and darkness on my chin.  

In the picture below, I have filled in my brows and concealed my under eye dark circles and set only the under eye area with powder and you can see that rest of my face is quite matte. However, I used my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder to 'set' the foundation. You would also notice that this foundation has evened out my skin quite nicely except hyper-pigmentation from old acne and redness around my nose.

I usually leave my base at this for everyday purposes - but for the sake of this post I concealed all the problem areas and this is how the foundation looks like with full face of makeup and this is what I call a more practical glowing look for those who live in humid weather. Let me know in the comments below if you wish to know more about my 'a more practical glowing make-up look', I will be happy to share :-) 

And this a close-up after few hours of wearing this foundation and you can see this is looks as is and doesn't look patchy or oily!

Overall, I like how long wearing and light weight this foundation is and it will an awesome foundation for those with Victoria's Secret angels' like skin - for an average woman with hyper-pigmentation, dark spots and pock marks this may not be your best suited foundation, especially at a price tag of USD 53.00 (equivalent to ~ INR 3500.00). For me, this is my everyday foundation and I don't mind my dark spots peeking from the foundation - and when I want a perfect base with this foundation, I use a smoothing primer underneath and load concealer on problem areas - which I haven't done to to show you how exactly the foundation works). 

So, my friends what are your thoughts on 'serum' or 'water' based foundations that are quite in these days?  

P.S.: I am wearing L'oreal matte lipstick in Black Cherry (in case you are curious)


  1. Hii Eesha! This is my current foundation, and I couldn't agree more with everything you have mentioned in the review. I have issues with the shade too, but the lighter shade seemed too light. I should probably give it a try again now...but despite the faults I love using this foundation. I dont really do a full-coverage type of look anyway, so this kind of sheerish coverage is more than enough for me.

    Your makeup though... perfect, as always :)

    1. Oh and I wanted to add..I put a few drops to the back of my hand and use a brush to apply it on to my face. It really is too runny and I am not all that very fast! Plus I am superclumsy and will probably have everything including bottle on floor if I try your way :D

    2. Haha Radhika .. I know I can understand.. I actually wanted to post a photo oh showing how fluid the foundation is but it almost ended up in my eyes! I generally keep brush ready in one hand and try to work as fast as possible.

      Shade range is horrible... God knows what were they thinking.. same here a shade lighter was too light and this one is more deeper and golden for me ...

  2. What a fantastic and detailed post Eeeshuu ... I never tried Dior foundation but your endless love for them is making me curious and I may pick one based on your recommendation soon :)
    I liked the everyday routine you did here ... base n brows and it makes so much difference yaa ...

    I again repeat
    pls do a compilation post with your foundation collection :)

    1. Hey thanks Rashmi, glad you liked the post. I will surely do a compilation post ASAP :-D

  3. Such a great serum. Looks so effective. Thanks for the review.


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