Monday, 23 November 2015

Try this combo of you are looking for a longest wearing base!

Hey Guys,

Hope you all are having a wonderful year so far. We are almost towards the end of 2015, and I feel like I am writing my first post of the year. Well, only reason - excessive occupation at work and work related travel - leaving no time for me to do anything for the blog. And, not that I am not buying new stuff to try and in the hope that I will write for the blog one day I always take pictures of new products before using them! I use these products religiously but no time to take pictures – I am always running late!

Busy at work and excessive travelling works = long working hours for me. Now, that we are almost in colder months (pretending, as days are still warm in Mumbai if not humid) I need a base that is long wearing, non-cakey almost skin like, non-makeupey and does not make me look like a grease ball by the end of the day.

Well, I don’t wear makeup to work every day, but, whenever I have to visit client locations I like to look more put together without taking attention away from work – that’s for another post. And client meetings always mean longest days of week/ months – 10 hours + excluding travelling.

On such, occasions at work I always used to wear my trustee Dior Forever Flawless Perfection foundation, which is a long wearing foundation itself, but, by the end of a long day it would become shinier if not greasy, even after staying in controlled artificial environment for most part of the day. So, having heard of lot of good things about Hourglass Mineral Veil primer, I thought of giving it a go.

I first wore this combo of Dior Forever Flawless Perfection foundation + Hourglass Mineral Veil primer a couple of months back when it was much more hot and humid! I wore this at about 8 in the morning and when I checked it through the day I was already sure this combo is going to be may holy grail, and my belief was reinforced when I checked my face after getting home at about 9 in the evening. My face was as fresh as it was in the morning and with almost no signs of oiliness on my face. My face was not matte for sure, but, it was not shinny or oily by any means – it was glowing, if I may say so!

I also wore this combo one day during my Singapore trip last month for sightseeing in the evening, it worked equally well in natural environment and Singapore’s humidity is no joke, I tell ya! I sweat like crazy in humidity and that evening was no different, but, when I got back to hotel room after a few hours of roaming around the city, my face was neither oily nor my base makeup had moved!

Having shared my love for this combo, a word of caution about those who want to try this for a occasion where you would take lot of photos. I haven't tested it for flash photography, but, I suspect a flashback as the foundation as SPF and the primer also has active titanium dioxide as active sunscreen ingredient. Do your home work before wearing it for photos and regretting later! 

Ever since, this combo has been my favorite and I use it every time I want my base to last longer! If time permits, I will also try to upload before/ after photo to given you guys a better idea, after all a picture is worth thousand words! 

Now, that we are getting into colder (Mumbai readers, read drier) months I am trying Hourglass primer with other foundations and if find one working equally well, I will report back. Till then, ciao and take care of yourselves.

Lots of love 


  1. I recently tried the Dior Serum foundation and loved the coverage but the fragrance is just too strong for me! I wish they would make products without such strong literally gave me a headache!
    Need to give hourglass mineral veil primer a try!

  2. Wowza,sounds like a winning duo then! If it holds up in crazy humidity it can't be bad.

  3. I desperately want DIOR foundation .... you are power house of info for foundations :D :D
    must do a comparative post yaa :D:D


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