Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Two Miraculous Skin Care Products I am Hooked To!

Hey Guys, 

My travel woos continue and I don't want to bore you more with that. 

In last few months I tried a lot of new stuff, make-up as well as skin care. I generally refrain from posting about skin care stuff here for two basic reasons, I generally don't alter my skincare often and I don't find myself knowledgeable enough to write about skin care stuff. 

Alpha H Liquid Gold and Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate are two skincare products that I am extremely happy to have stumbled upon.  

When I saw YouTube beauty gurus, Sharon and Karima, rave about Alpha H Liquid Gold, the other day, I was quite intrigued to try it out. So, I researched online about it and everyone had amazing things to say about it. Then Luxola, which is a Singapore based online beauty shop, had a kit of decent sized 5 Alpha H products, and Liquid Gold (50 ml size, which is quite decent and I still have about half the quantity left which would last me about 1-1.5 months) being one of them. So, I decided to get the kit instead of full sized bottle and thought of it as an opportunity to try few more products from the Australian skincare brand. 

Alpha H Liquid Gold is a Glycolic Acid based skin resurfacing treatment that helps fight fine lines, acne, dark spots, unevenness, etc. to reveal skin that you dream of. The most active ingredient of Alpha H liquid gold is Glycolic Acid, which, if used appropriately, has many skincare benefits that are readily available online. You can check the full ingredient list below in the pic: 

Apply it in the night like you apply your any other face toner and wake up in the morning with fresher, smoother and recharged skin. Yes, Alpha H liquid gold did work for me. My pores have reduced, lightened dark spots (from previous acne) a lot and no more dry patches around my mouth and nose. I now have a much more smoother, healthier and firmer skin. I do get hormonal break-outs now and then, but, with Alpha H Liquid Gold, I noticed they go faster and the scars also fades faster. It does sting a bit on irritated areas the first time, but, after repeated use you would get used to to it and it stops stinging! Check out below, how, the brand recommends to use it: 

The product is colorless and odorless liquid, is resembles water and is very thin and runny in consistency. I take few drops on a cotton wool and apply it all over my face, neck and décolletage. When I applied the first time, I was shocked to see the cotton wool afterwards. It removed almost every bit of dirt and murk sitting on my skin. I use it twice a week at night and I can visibly tell the difference next morning. But, a word of caution, don't forget your sunscreen following day as it exfoliates skin very deeply and exposing new skin surface to sun is not a good idea. 

On those nights I am not using my Alpha H Liquid Gold, I use Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. As you know, I have been travelling to Delhi a lot, and Delhi's weather is diametrically opposite to Mumbai's weather. And, on top of that spending almost whole day in controlled environment (AC's)  and I am now 30+ so age also has a severe impact on my skin making it dehydrated and dull. I had tried a few samples of this Concentrates' in the past had liked it very much, so, I went ahead and bought the full sized bottle, which comes with a dropper making it much easier to use and control the amount of product. 

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a blend of pure essential oils and botanical extracts that work through the night to wake to rejuvenated skin following morning. I use about 2-3 drops of the Concentrate after applying Kiehl's Ultra Facial Toner all over my face and neck and I can see that my skin is moisturised, plumped and much firmer in the morning. And good news is that, I did not break-out at all after using this, even though my skin is combination to oily (and dehydrated). 

The Concentrate is a colorless , thicker in consistency than Liquid Gold, but non-sticky and light weight oil with aromatic scent (you can smell oils). Doesn't feel heavy on skin and gets absorbed fairly faster (not as fast as regular moisturiser). 

Alpha H Liquid Gold's full sized bottle is priced at about INR 3800.00 on Luxola (unfortunately, both the kit and ful seized bottle are currently sold out) and Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is priced at INR 3200.00, Kiehl's stores provide home delivery if your order is worth INR 5000.00 or more. 

These two products have worked miraculously for me and I am totally hooked to these, atleast as long as I don't find an equally worthy product. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. 

Lots of Love 


  1. Share your experience too with Luxola Eesha :D :D I'm eager to know dear

    1. Its fab Rashmi .. they deliver in about 7-8 days and no pain customs on my Luxola shipments :-D

  2. I have used Alpha-H too and sadly it didnt do much for me..initially i did like it but later it stopped working or i just didnt feel that it was making any difference..i love my glyco-a cream more..its fraction of a price and easily available in india plus it contains 12% glycolic acid..i feel this works much better for my skin :)
    I need to try Kiehls midnight recovery complex and i think i do have a sample somewhere in my stash..huh need to break it open :)

    1. Hi Parita ... thanks for stopping by!
      Well, I am liking Alkha H for now.. and I hope it keeps working on me! :-D

  3. Hey Eesha, I have actually tried both! Sadly, my skin was not a big fan of Liquid Gold. It didn't break me out or anything, but it didn't do much fo me. I did end up using up the bottle, but I probably won't repurchase. I like the Kiehl's oil tho! That's one of the first dry oils I tried.

    1. Oh sad that Alpha H didn't do much for you. Its working miraculously on me and I am liking it so far.

  4. Neither of these are right for my skin :-( I know the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Complex is hugely popular though.


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