Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Méditerranée Chanel Collection 2015 - My Picks - Photos and Swatches

Hey Guys, 

Few weeks back I was very depressed and stressed out because of my hectic work schedule. I had no time for anything but work and travel. But, one day me and husband decided not to give a s**t to anything else and just have fun and roam around the streets of South Mumbai with hand in hand. 

Same day, I also went to Chanel to see their new collection for Summer 2015, the Méditerrannée, was already on display and I went crazy shopping. The collection is inspired by vibrant colours of Mediterranean - vivid skies and blue sea - bronzed glowing skin and mesmerizing eyes with bold nails and colorful lips. 

Without further adieu here are my picks with first impressions/ review, as I have them all. 

Lumière D'été Illumination Powder, the signature product from the collection, in Camellia flower pattern. Chanel never goes wrong with the patterns such signature product. Remember Power Signee the Chanel Illuminating Powder and several others. I can keep staring at how beautiful it looks in the pan. 

When it was launched worldwide, I was contemplating whether it would show up on my medium-tan skin. So, I tried it on before buying and roamed around the Palladium Mall and it just freaked me out how beautiful it looked and the 'glow from within' glow was just immaculate. 

The Lumière D'été Illumination Powder is an illuminating bronzer that gives the most gorgeous sun-kissed glow without getting baked in actual sun. Its golden-bronze shade with a golden sheen that's just enough for a sophisticated glow. Apply on its own or as topper on your regular bronzer. I like it most with my Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzing base. 

Without rambling further lets jump to some photos: 

I was also very intimidated with the glossimers when the collection was launched internationally for how nicely pigmented they were. I went ahead and bought both, Rose Paradis and Algria from the collection. Rose Paradis is a re-promote from the permanent line while Algria is limited edition. 

Rose Paradis is a rosy-pinky red with very fine shimmer with coverage just shy of opaque/full coverage but light weight and non sticky. 

Allegria is a beautiful warm red with same opaque coverage as Rose Paradis. 

I also picked up the Stylo Eyeshadow crayon (my first ever) in the shade Laurier Rose, which is rosy-coppery shade that goes on so smoothly and stays through the day on my oily lids. 

And the final product from the collection is the nail polish in Coquelicot, which a beautiful creamy poppy orangey red. I was contemplating between Coquelicot and Lavanda, but, when I tried both in the store I did not how Lavanda looked on my fingers and settled for Coquelicot. 

Its been quite sometime the Méditerranée Collection for Summer 2015 is in stores, so call the store before you start your journey to one and only Chanel store in Mumbai. 

So my friends, how do you like this kind of first impressions/ review kind of post, I will surely post a pic of wearing all these beautiful picks from the collection. So, stay tuned for that. 

Lots of Love 


  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG eeshaaaaa the picsss ..
    killlll me pls

  2. Larier Rose looks loooovely! It doesn't crease at all?

    1. Hi Melissa.. yeah it doesn't crease on me, which is very surprising, as I have very oily lids.

  3. Great picks, Eesha! I have the bronzer, Rose Paradis, and Coquelicot. For me personally, Chanel made the best summer collection this year! Please show a look. I'd love to see it!

    1. Thanks Sunny. I was quite inspired by your picks from the collection. I am really waiting for the Autumn collection now :-D

  4. I so love how pretty the bronzer looks and I am sure it will look gorgeous on you :)

    1. I love the soft focus glow that this bronzer imparts Aarthi. Did u pick anything from the collection??


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