Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Blogging after 4 months | Travel make-up Essentials | Work edition |

Hey Guys, 

If follow me on any of social media platforms, you would know the reason. I joined a new organisation in January and for work I have to travel to Ghaziabad (near New Delhi) every alternate weeks. It took me some time to come to terms with such a hectic work life after a break of 1.5 years. I was just nor prepared (mentally and physically) to travel so much! Gradually, my body as well as my mind is getting used to to it. 

Although, I was travelling and was stressed out, I was still playing with make-up. There were some products that had always been with me so far. Oh, yes I wear make-up to work and at client location I just have to look put together and in no case look shabby and tired. 

I work in a very conservative construction industry so my make up also has to be understated and not catch unnecessary attention. So, I aim for flawless base, some definition in eyes with kohl and mascara and well groomed defined brows. So I carry a long wearing foundation, concealers, a couple of blushes, bronzer to avoid a flat face, face highlighter for a sophisticated glow, a black and a brown kohl with black volumizing mascara for defined eyes and brow products to get a nice and defined brows (read bold brows). 
  1. Guerlain Parur Aqua Feel Good Foundation: I am on a strict no foundation buy for last few months and I am aiming to finish at least two before I buy a new one. This one is nearing expiry so it been hanging with me all the while for last 3-4 months and going good, so, didn't feel like changing to anything else. It came out of my travel make-up pouch only to be photographed for this post. 
  2. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealers: I am hooked to this concealer lately and love how beautifully this concealer covers my under eye darkness and also help cover dark spots and hyper pigmentation marks. I use shade Ginger for under eyes and Biscuit to cover blemishes (spot concealing). It works best with a dampened beauty blender rather than a brush (a person preference). 
  3. MAC MSF Natural: A setting powder is a must for me to avoid cakey and avoid becoming a grease ball by the end of the day. And I prefer carrying a compact rather than loose powder for obvious reasons. 
  4. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Diffused Heat and Becca Mineral Blush in Dameselfly: I have been travelling with these two blushes all this while as these give me the most sophisticated flush which I find appropriate for work (this is personal choice). Other blushes that made appearances a couple of times are Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Exposed and Nars Deep Throat. 
  5. Nars Casino Bronzing Powder: This has been my go to bronzer lately after I hit pan majorly on Nars Laguna. Although, they are entirely different in tones and shade. But, after using this more often lately, I realized that Casino suits my skin tone better than Laguna. 
  6. Dior Amber Diamond: No other reason but this face highlighter is my favorite of all (I have many, but, I always go back to it). 
  7. YSL and Urban Decay Eye Pencils: I can't think of myself stepping out without a kohl in my water line. Generally, I like black but sometimes I like switching to brown also. 
  8. Maybelline the Falsies mascara (washable): This is the only mascara that I have currently and I don't have the urge to try a new one (actually I have the urge but other things trying a new mascara is just slipping down the list). But, this one is a my old buddy. But, I am planning to get myself a water proof version of this mascara as my eyes get quite watery as I usually struck with allergic cold due to excessive dust and dramatic weather difference. 
  9. Anastasia Brow Wiz, Dip Brow Pomade and Clear Brow Gel: And last but not the least, if you following me on social media, you would know that I am obsessed with bold brows and I can't I am more than obsessed with this combo and so much hooked that I have almost run out of my Brow Wiz. Dip Brow is such an amazing product that it just keeps my brows looking fresh the whole day. 
Now, you may be wondering, why I haven't I shown any lipstick in the photo. That's because I always switch my lipsticks/ lip glosses that are more work friendly. If I were to include lip products also, it would have become an endless post. But, if you guys are interested in knowing what lip products I carry then leave in comments below. 

Other than this I also carry my Lorac Pro Palette, just in case, if I had some extra time to smudge a dark brown shadow under my lower line. I also have some favorite brushes that I travel with, but, that is for another post. Let me know in the comments below if you want to know. 

This may seem a ton of make-up to some of you. But, this is my personal preference and as I just wanted to share what I generally for official tours. And trust this was a fun post for me. 

I cannot tell you, how, amazing I am feeling completing this post as I had been contemplating at writing this for quite a while. I haven't enjoyed writing nay post than this post and I hope you enjoyed reading as well. 

Lots of Love 


  1. Your list is fabulous Eesha :D :D I need reviews of ABH asap :D :D

    1. Thanks Rashmi... ABH review on the way for sure Rashmi ... :-D


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