Thursday, 12 February 2015

| Tool Thursday | Review: Chanel Foundation/ Powder Duo Fibre Brush # 7

Hey Guys

Starting today, every Thursday, I will bring review of my favorite tools that I use to do my looks. I am very excited about starting a series first time on the blog. Hope you guys enjoy!  

Everyone in their make-up stash has a duo fibre brush, which we all use for blending/ buffing purposes. I have this Chanel Duo Fibre Brush # 7 for more than a year and I have been using it non-stop ever since I got it last year. It's a typical duo fibre brush - a combo of natural and synthetic fibres. I got this brush on recommendation of a lovely friend Rashmi and I must say, she has amazing taste for make-up and generally whatever she recommends suits me.

I love how soft the brush hair are, as they never scratch my face. What I also like about this brush is it doesn't shed hair even while washing it with a baby shampoo and it gets crisp clean in no effort without leaving any stains/ residue. 

As per the Chanel website, this brush can be used for buffing out the liquid foundation or for applying powder products. I don't like using it with liquid foundations, as I feel it soak up the product a lot more. However, I like to buff out my foundation if I apply my foundation using a flat foundation brush. These days I am using this brush every single day after spritzing MAC Fix+ to just make everything look more evened out. I also to apply cream blushes and sometimes even bronzer for a sheer bronzed look. This brush has never disappointed me! 

These pictures are taken after many washes and you can see that the brush fibres are neither deformed nor stained with make-up residue (well, staining doesn't always mean residue!)

I bough this brush about an year back when it was INR 2500.00. If, I am not wrong Chanel face brushes are in the range of INR 3500-4000 these days.

Hope you guys find the review helpful and like the idea of Tool Thursday review.