Friday, 9 January 2015

Review: Nars Luxembourg Satin Lip Pencil

Hey Guys,

I am probably the last person on this earth who's trying Nars Satin Lip Pencils for the first time. I am always the last person to try new products that are launched by brands. But, this year I am committed to try new and different products, and that's probably one my new beauty resolutions for 2015. We will see how this year unfolds together. 

Nars Satin lip pencils took to beauty world by storm, with its everlasting power, power packed color pigmentation, easy application and some amazing unique shades to soon became everyone's favorite. Lipsticks in chubby pencil form. Ever since they are launched, Nars have launched several shades as part of its Limited Edition collections. But, there are some cult classics in the permanent range and Luxembourg is one of them. There are 16 shades altogether from nudes, pinks, corals to deep reds and burgundies. Luxembourg sit somewhere in the middle of Red and Pink. Nars described Luxembourg perfectly as vivid watermelon, yeah, its that vivid reddish pink color which you see when you cut open a fresh water melon. I love how bright and vivid it looks on my complexion. It's the show stopper of any look and one those colors which would draw all the attention to lips.

I have only one shade right now, so, I cannot say anything about these pencils in general. Luxembourg is very creamy, light weight and opaque color. Its more shiny and glossy when freshly applied, for say half an hour or so and then it sets to a satin finish for the whole day. It's extremely easy to work with, when I say this, I mean it! It glide on lips very easily without tugging or dragging the lips. It gives 100% opaque color in a single swipe that sits on my lips the whole day surviving a couple of cups of coffee and a lunch meal, without fading or drying my lips (but not hydrating too). By the end of the day, say after 6 hours, I feel like applying a lip balm. 

The product is a lipstick in a chubby pencil packaging. I wish it came an a twist open pencil form, as there would considerable product wastage in sharpening. A friend suggested to save the wastage (only the actual product, and not the casing) in a drumming jar! Which is cool but again one has to make an effort to minimize the wastage. 

Nars Satin Lip Pencils retail for USD 25.00, for 0.7 oz. or 2.2 gms of product. The price to me is ok, as the quality is incredibly good and I don't regret buying it at all. 

Overall, Luxembourg is an absolutely a stunner, a bright vivid watermelon color with amazing color pay-off, long lasting and non-drying.

Lets see some pictures and and a simple FOTD with Luxembourg

Hope you guys liked the review and was a bit helpful! I am now planning to try a more natural shade from this range! Do you guys have any suggestions to suit my complexion?

Have a lovely Friday night.

Lots of Love


  1. The formula sounds great! I'd love to try some NARS lip pencils. I haven't had the chance yet. Maybe I'll wait for some reviews on more subtle shades from you and then decide :-)

    1. Hey thanks Melissa! If not anything else, do try Luxembourg :-D

  2. You're actually not the last person on earth to try these, I haven't either. This shade is beautiful on you! And I am glad the quality didn't disappoint.

    1. Haha... thanks for the company Agata :-D

  3. Hey Eesha, whoa, what a stunning shade on you! I have a couple of these including Lodhi and Yu. My advice would be sticking to the bolder/brighter shades. I bought the Digital World set, and the two lighter shades in there turned out not to measure up to their brighter counterparts!

    1. Hey Sunny... thanks a ton.
      I remember your review on Digital World set. If not lighter ones, I will try Lodhi and Yu :-D

  4. I've never tried one of these either! I have to say this is a beauitful color on you!

    Linh | SimplyLinh


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