Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Review: Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color #455 Lotus Rouge

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As the winters have finally arrived in Mumbai, weather being windy, sunny and pleasantly colder, it has started to feel a lot like Christmas.  This is probably the best time of the year in Mumbai, in terms of weather and at the same time Christmas and New Year decorations in the stores is like cherry on the cake. 

This is the season when one wants to pull out the red make-up be it lipsticks or nail polishes. And if, mistakenly, you happen to have a soft corner for red then any amount of red nail polishes and lipsticks are not enough in your stash. Every time you buy new red, nail polish or lipstick, you try to justify with the tini-tiny shade difference, texture, formula, etc. Well, ya know, I am one of those red nail polish and lipstick lover. 

So, as the weather was really pleasant and cold (for Mumbai standards) I pulled out my newest red nail polish, which was lying unattended to for a longtime, Chanel Le Vernis in Lotus Rouge. Lotus Rouge is a very pretty blue based deep pinkish red in cream finish. Two coats give you the most luxurious shining goodness on your nails. However, it did not cover my voting mark. Chanel makes the best polishes I must say. Not even a single shade that I own has ever made me regret over the deep hole that it causes in my pocket. 

I applied it on Sunday early in morning and today on Tuesday, it still as good as it was freshly applied and I don't see any signs of the polish chipping soon. I expect its wear time to be as good as my other Chanel cream nail polishes. This is not the first time that I have applied this nail polish, but, I don't remember when was the last time I used and how it performed. So, if there is any change it's performance, I will update it here next week. 

I hope you guys liked Lotus Rouge. Which is your favorite red this season?

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  1. Haha you really do love red, Eesha! I like Lotus Rouge because it's not a red that you see everywhere! I feel that definitely helps justify the price tag!

    1. Haha... yeah Sunny I do love red nails and lips! What about you?

  2. Sooooo pretty! I like it a lot. And your nails look so lovely.


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