Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Review: Chanel Jous Contrast Blush in Rose Initiale

Hey Guys, 

Hope you all are happy and healthy and enjoying the pleasant weather, if you are in Mumbai. 

Rose Initial is very soft and subtle petal pink with a slight hint of peach and very very fine shimmer, which is not visible on my skin. The pigments of this blush are very finely milled and are easy to blend. The wear time of this blush is also great and I did notice it fading unevenly or getting patchy over the day. It has a strong rose fragrance, which fades away on applying, which could be a cause of concern for those with sensitive nose.  I like that the pigmentation of this blush is buildable and can be very easily controlled or should I say, you can't go wrong with it. Because of slight warm undertones, I see this blush suiting a wide variety of skin tones. However, darker and deeper skin color babes may find it difficult to pull out. Great for those with lighter to medium colored babes while it will be a soft flush for babes with some tan. 

I have been using this blush left, right and center every other day and with just about every look. This is a no fuss blush for me. It imparts a soft focus rosy flush on my cheeks which I have been loving lately. For the sake of taking pictures for this review, I had to really build it up so that it did not get washed out! If you are a fan of highly pigmented blushes, then this blush is not for you. Not that I am not a fan of highly pigmented blushes, but, I am loving the soft focus flush that this blush gives. 

The product comes in the Chanel's standard sturdy black plastic compact with mirror and a brush to use the blush on the go. I, however, never use the brush and usually toss it away. They can probably do away with the brush to reduce the compact size and also the price a bit :-/! 

Price: INR 2850/- for 4 gms / 0.14 oz. A very expensive blush indeed. How much expensive is justified for a blush is left to your judgement, but, so far I have no complaints. 

Here are a few pictures and swatches of the blush and a few pictures of my recent FOTDs. 

I hope you guys liked the review and found it helpful! 

Lots of Love

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  1. Hey Eesha, I have this one too and it's one of my most-used blushes! It's very versatile, and it's nice to see how well it shows up on your skin tone as well!

    1. Hey Sunny, I had to really build it up as it was getting washed out the pictures, but, in reality it looks much more prettier :-)


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