Thursday, 10 July 2014

YSL Gloss Volupte Golden Gloss #15 - Grenade Pepite

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Gloss Volupte are the latest offering from Yves Saint Laurent, which were released internationally earlier this year. Ever since they were released I wanted to try these. So, when I hit the YSL Counter recently, I couldn't resist myself from picking one of these. 

Gloss Volupte #15, Grenade Pepite, is a pinky-coral color with tiny golden flecks, that are larger than fine shimmer and can be felt when you rub the lips together, that add just the right amount of sparkle. The formula is very light weight and non-sticky and gives a smooth finish. Grenade Pepite has nearly opaque finish, but, the natural lip color still shows through. This shade lasts on me for about 3-4 hours, depending on how many cups of coffee I drink. It's highly moisturizing and hydrating, keeping your lips soft and supple. It has a sweet fruity scent, which isn't too strong to linger on for a few minutes and doesn't bother me at all, but those with sensitive nose may not appreciate the scent! The applicator, patented by YSL, is very uniquely curved with a hole in the center which holds the product. The applicator has a relatively pointed end to allow for a very precise application near the edges and on cupid's bow. 

These glosses come in transparent plastic tube with golden cap and YSL logo on steel strap right in the middle of the tube. The name of the gloss is written only on the paper packaging and not on the tube, tube only has the number. The These are pricey at INR 2250.00 for 0.20 Fl. Oz., but, these are totally worth it. I recommend you guys to try at least one of these to appreciate the quality. 

Here are some pictures and swatches of Golden Gloss Volupte #15, Grenade Pepite: 

I hope you guys liked the review. Have you tried these glosses? Share your favorite shades, I would like to try more of these glosses. 

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  1. The shade is mesmerizing and looks gr8 on you :)

    1. Thank you Gowthami.. glad you like it! <3

  2. I was surely skipping this but ur pics convinced me eeshuuu
    its soooooo damn gorgeous yaaaa


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