Monday, 28 July 2014

Review: Lancôme L'absolu Velours Intense Lip Color in Velours de Grenade #197

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Lancôme L'absolu Velours Intense Lip Color are liquid lipstick sorts with high impact pigments packed in it that provide full coverage in a single pass in velvety matte finish. I got mine recently, however, these are not new in the market. I got it in color Velours de Grenade #197, which is a perfect red, not to cool or warmed toned. It's a very light weight formula and does not feel dry on lips. However, it would exaggerate chapped lips. It's extremely long wearing, which does not bleed from the edges or fade unevenly and sustain a full Indian meal. One needs to wait for couple of minutes after application for it to set to a velvety matte finish. 

Price: INR 1650/- for 6 ml which is quite reasonable as you need a very small amount and you don't need to dip the applicator again in the tube for full coverage. 

These come in transparent semi-conical plastic tube with black screw cap and a band in the middle which has the Lancôme rose imprinted on it in gold. The applicator is perfectly shaped that makes application easy and the sharp pointed end makes finishing  the edges easy. 

The hand swatch below is very glossy, as the picture was taken immediately after swatching. The product sets to a velvety matte finish, which is noticeable in the lip swatch. As the finish is velvety matte, don't expect a perfect matte finish without shine. Could you notice the pigmentation in just the single swipe. 

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And, here's me wearing this amazing lip product with a grungy black smokey eye: 

Have you tried Lancôme L'absolu Velours Intense Lip Colors? Which is your favourite shade? Do share your thoughts about this product in the comments below. 

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Friday, 11 July 2014

Review: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cream Foundation

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Revlon whipped cream foundation is sure very old in the market, but, new to me. I always wanted to try this foundation, but, for some reasons never picked up. So, when I was at my local Shoppers Stop, shopping some stuff for my husband, I sneaked away and tried this foundation.

Initially I was a little bit skeptical about the shade range that Revlon has released in India. Revlon, for reasons better known to them, has released only three shades in India that suit only fair to medium skin beauties, while internationally it has many more shades suiting medium/ darker skin beauties. This is true with not just most of the Revlon, but, with most of the 'drugstore' brands. Limited shade range act as the biggest deterrent for me to try some amazing drugstore foundations. Alas! Through this post I want to request Revlon and all the brands to release more shades, suiting medium to dark skin beauties, in Indian Market!

The SA initially matched me to Warm Golden, which was way too light for my complexion. I tried Warm Golden in the store and wore it back home to see in proper day light, as most of the times store lights are deceiving in choosing the right shade of foundation! Lucky I was, as I did not buy it immediately. Then, I tried Natural Tan and the Assistant at the counter was just not ready to believe that I wanted to try this shade on myself. Anyways, cutting long story short, Natural Tan matched me better, except that it is little less warm for my complexion. However, blending it down to the neck resolve the issue for me. Victory!

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Cream Foundation is like a typical fluid foundation whipped into a more thicker mouse like formula. The foundation is quite runny for a mouse formula, but, it's much thicker than a typical fluid/ liquid foundation. As the formula is quite thick, it feels heavy on skin. The foundation has medium to full coverage, and I need very tini-tiny bit of concealer to hide any blemishes or redness around my nose. For a thick formula like this, it blends really easily and one needs very little product to get the job done. Be easy with the quantity, as it will look cakey and unnatural. The company website says it doesn't needs to be set with powder, but, I do set it with my Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder for a better hold. Revlon claims it to last for 24 hours, which is quite insane. I haven't tested it for 24 hours honestly, and I never will! But, this stays put pretty long on me and with primer underneath this foundation gives me the almost the sweat proof make-up base. Another best part, it photographs really well, giving an illusion of flawless skin! I feel, if available in more shades, this foundation will be a great choice for weddings, as it is long wearing and photographs really well.

The foundation comes in a sturdy glass jar, with a screw cap, which is quite heavy. I find the packaging very inconvenient to carry around, unhygienic and also it will tend to be messy in the long run with the foundation accumulating in the screw threads. if not handled carefully.

Price: INR 800.00 for 23.7 ml which is very economical.

Overall, this is a great foundation for this price, which is long wearing and picture perfect giving an illusion of flawless skin, only if you get your shade match in India. Wish, Revlon releases more shades in India. 

I hope you guys found the review helpful. Which is your favourite foundation from drugstore and if you are around NC40 in MAC foundations, which shade do you use? Do share with me in the comments below.

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

YSL Gloss Volupte Golden Gloss #15 - Grenade Pepite

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Gloss Volupte are the latest offering from Yves Saint Laurent, which were released internationally earlier this year. Ever since they were released I wanted to try these. So, when I hit the YSL Counter recently, I couldn't resist myself from picking one of these. 

Gloss Volupte #15, Grenade Pepite, is a pinky-coral color with tiny golden flecks, that are larger than fine shimmer and can be felt when you rub the lips together, that add just the right amount of sparkle. The formula is very light weight and non-sticky and gives a smooth finish. Grenade Pepite has nearly opaque finish, but, the natural lip color still shows through. This shade lasts on me for about 3-4 hours, depending on how many cups of coffee I drink. It's highly moisturizing and hydrating, keeping your lips soft and supple. It has a sweet fruity scent, which isn't too strong to linger on for a few minutes and doesn't bother me at all, but those with sensitive nose may not appreciate the scent! The applicator, patented by YSL, is very uniquely curved with a hole in the center which holds the product. The applicator has a relatively pointed end to allow for a very precise application near the edges and on cupid's bow. 

These glosses come in transparent plastic tube with golden cap and YSL logo on steel strap right in the middle of the tube. The name of the gloss is written only on the paper packaging and not on the tube, tube only has the number. The These are pricey at INR 2250.00 for 0.20 Fl. Oz., but, these are totally worth it. I recommend you guys to try at least one of these to appreciate the quality. 

Here are some pictures and swatches of Golden Gloss Volupte #15, Grenade Pepite: 

I hope you guys liked the review. Have you tried these glosses? Share your favorite shades, I would like to try more of these glosses. 

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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Review: Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid in Sunkissed

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I spoke about this product from Chanel in my Haul Video HERE

Soleil de Tan Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid is a oil free and fragrance free sheer, weightless liquid that instantly brightens skin and evens out skin tone. Light Reflective pigments provide radiance and luminosity. Botanical extracts soften, smooth and moisturize skin. 

It comes in a sturdy frosted glass jar which is quite heavy duty. The quantity is huge, 30 ml or 1 Fl. Oz. which would last a long time, as you need a tiny amount to get the effect. 

Price: INR 2900.00 for 30 ml or 1 Fl. Oz. 

I wish the packaging was a little different to incorporate a pump, as pouring it from the jar becomes messy and also the jar neck and cap looks dirty as the product accumulates in the threads, thereby causing wastage of the product and also making it travel unfriendly. I would highly appreciate if they change the packaging to make it more travel friendly and less messy. After all, when you shelling a bomb from your pocket you would want everything to be perfect. 

When this Chanel product landed in my stash, I was already using a small sample for about an year. I waited for about an year. Actually there's a small history behind waiting to finally purchase the full size bottle. I used to have MUFE Liquid Highlighters and was totally loving it, but, over the time the oil started separating and started smelling horrible and I had to literally throw those away without using much. So, I was very skeptical about buying the full size jar of Chanel Illuminating Fluid and dislike it later. So, I requested the SA to sample out a little bit of this product. After using it couple of times from this little sample vial, I waited for about a year to see how it behaved. And to my surprise, the product was as good as it was about an year back. There was no smell and no ingredient separation. So, I went ahead and bought the full jar for which I had to shell extra as Chanel has increased the product prices manifolds in India. 

Soleil Tan de Chanel Sheer Illuminating Fluid in Sunkissed is a warm golden bronze liquid highlighter that can either mixed with the foundation for an over all glow or used as cheek bone highlighter for a subtle highlight. I have been using it with either ways but like more when I mix with my foundation. I love how my skin glows without making it look like a shinning decorating balls or a glittery disco ball. On my warm NC40 skin tone in MAC foundations, this doesn't give me any color but a glow as if my skin is glowing from within. This blends miraculously on the skin and doesn't look patchy of cakey. When noticed very minutely, it has tiny gold particles that disappear into ethereal glow when mixed with foundation. In the blended swatch below you can notice these tiny gold particles, but, these are visible when I blended a very heavy quantity to capture blended effect in the picture. As it's an oil free product, it didn't make my skin oily over the day. So, I have found a complete winner in this Chanel Illuminating Fluid. 

Soleil Tan de Chanel Illuminating Fluid in Sunkissed

Soleil Tan de Chanel Illuminating Fluid in Sunkissed
A lovely reader wanted a comparison of Soleil Tan de Chanel Illuminating Fluid with the Dior Amber Lights highlighting powder. When swatched together they look similar in color, but, the later being more reflective and it is more appropriate to use it a cheek bone highlighter than all over and the former gives a subtle sheen when used as a typical cheek bone highlighter. 

You can see me wearing the Chanel Sunkissed all over with foundation in my previous post HERE. I am wearing it as a cheek bone highlighter in the picture below, of course, a little heavily than I would really like to wear it normally, to capture it well in the pictures. 
Wearing Soleil Tan de Chanel on cheek bones
Have used Soleil Tan de Chanel Illuminating Fluid in Sunkissed? How do you like it? Share your experiences in the comments below. 

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