Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Review: Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RD607 Nocturne

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Lacquer Rouge are liquid lipsticks from Shiseido that gives intense color and luster in just one coat. Formulated to heal dry, rough or peeling lips with continual use. The applicator is designed to fit closely against the lips to give even, bleed proof 'lacquered' finish. 

This is one brand, which, I feel is excellent in terms of product quality and variety, but is highly ignored and more ignored is this product. I did not see eons of reviews of this product online. 

Well, I bought this product because I badly wanted Chanel Lip Lacquer in Dragon, which is a favorite of many, but the whole line was discontinued. And, then my friend Rashmi posted this swatch comparison (check her post here for amazing comparison swatches) and immediately ran to the nearest store to pick this product. However, this is not a dupe for Dragon, but closer. And when I used it I decided to have more of these. On my radar are VI418 (Diva) and RS404 (Disco). 

RD607, Nocturne is dark and deep blue based red, not for the faint hearted - it's bold, intense and striking. In the swatch I could see the pearly ruby red shimmer which is not very evident on the lips. This is one crazily product I have seen, just one coat on the lips gives a full color pay-off. On me it lasted for about 3-4 hours or may be more and with just a couple of cups of dose of caffeine and without any major meal. I wear it with a lip pencil underneath to get maximum wear time. What I really liked about this product is how lacquered and glossy it looks through out it's wear time and my lips feel moisturized through out. 

Price: INR 1800/- for 

Overall, if you like bold lips, like glossy finish in your lipsticks and do not want to spend extra on a matching lip gloss, try these out. I am fully sure you will not be disappointed. 

Here are a few pictures and swatches of Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RD607 Nocturne: 

For details of this look, click here
Hope you guys liked this product. Have you tried Shiseido Lacquer Rouge? Which is your favourite shade? Do share your thoughts about this product or liquid lipsticks, in general, in the comments below. 

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  1. AAWWWWWWWW thank u yaaaaa ...
    killerrrrr lip swatches dear
    seriously awesome ... even I want pink one from this range

    1. Welcome my dear.
      Thanks for appreciating... which shade are you looking for??

    2. Its pink naa .. disco wala n jigisha have orange .. may swatch that as well

  2. I died looking at those swatches! looks stunning on you, and I love your eye makeup too! <3

  3. wow!! the lip swatches are awesome.. loved the shade.. you look super gorgeous

    1. Thanks a lot Mayuri. Glad you liked it! <3

  4. Wowww!!! I just came upon your blog, the color is beauuutiful and you look stunning <3
    Followed you via G+
    Follow me back to stay updated with my blog <3

  5. oooooo my my what a seductive shade......absolutely lllllllllove it <3
    I was away since few weeks...back n checked updates on your blog, this post has stolen my all attention. Awesome


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