Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Review: Chanel JC Blush in Accent

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Chanel JC Blush in Accent was launched with the Holiday collection and is a limited edition blush. 

Accent is a pinkish brown with accents of mauve and it has very fine silver sparkles. I have never seen such a complex color and I am proud that it's my first JC blush. It imparts a very barely there natural flush to my cheeks which is ethereal and I had tough time capturing in the camera. You need to notice here that this blush doesn't give any color to your cheeks like a bright pink blush would. But, what it imparts on my NC 40 skin beyond words. 

This blush is insanely pigmented. Just a couple taps of brush on the product and you get whole lot of quantity. It blends like a butter and no patchiness. I see it suiting a ton of skin tones. Fairer color beauties can definitely see color, while on medium-tan color beauties this will  be more of a flush and for darker beauties this will be a great highlighter. 

Price: INR 2650/- for 4 gms of product. 

Overall, this is a beautiful and most complex color I have every encountered. Buttery smooth formula and worth every penny you spend, but, keep in mind that this does not impart any 'color' on cheeks. 

Here are some pictures and swatches of the blush: 

Hope this review was helpful. 

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  1. Great packaging! Liked the shade a lot! looks good on you :)

  2. Such shades are made for you Eesha :) You make them look so naturally pretty :)

  3. It's so gorgeous Eesha...Adds so much glamour to the look :)
    and of course that FOTD is super gorgeous :)

  4. The shade looks fab on you :)
    Nice review :D


  5. looks lovely on you Eesha! these blushes are so teeny tiny yea

  6. the shade look gorgeous on natural flush!

  7. I absolutely love the packaging of these! this one is gorgeous and give natural glow to the cheeks :)

  8. looks pretty! :) love blushes!!

  9. Very versatile and gorgeous shade...looks great on you Eesha


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