Monday, 30 December 2013

Review: MAC Pigment in Basic Red

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Basic Red Pigment is described as True Bluish Red in matte finish. I bought this product, basically because I saw Lisa Eldridge using this pigment on her models over MAC's Ruby Woo Lipstick for a perfect red velvet lip. I was totally amazed by the result. It further intensifies the Red of Ruby Woo to a full blow out red which is nothing but BOLD RED which is super long lasting and would not smear or fade or bleed or transfer on a glass of wine. It would stay as it is till the end of this world, well not literally. When using it on lips, be sure to moisturize your lips really well as dabbing the pigment would dry the lips. Apart from lips, one can also use this pigment as a blush or as an eye shadow. For the blush, I suggest mixing a tini-tiny bit with moisturizer for a lovely stain. 

This is a Pro Product and is available only at the Pro Stores, and costs INR 1350/-. So, do check this pigment out when in Pro Store next time. 

Here are the pictures and swatches of the pigment: 

Here are the pictures of lip swatch when paired with MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick: 

And picture of an EOTD in which I used Basic Red Pigment wet as a base under MAC Coppering eye

MAC Coppering used with MAC Basic Red Pigment as base also in the outer corer of the lid

So, what do you guys this about Basic Red pigment? Yay or nay? I really liked this pigment for lips for a bold red pout. I hope the review was of some help and let me know if you guys liked the pigment. 

Have a lovely and safe New Years Eve.

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  1. You kill me with ur eotds always eesha he he :) Lovely review <3

  2. OMG..that's like sindoor dabba!!! I wouldn't dare to even look at this color, but I have to admit I am floored with how beautifully you have incorporated it in your eye makeup..the lipstick trick is nifty too..but you have done a beautifully blended eye with it..

    1. I know... it looks like a sindur dabba. Well, it's definitely a tricky color for eyes and I am not sure, except for a look for blog I would dare to wear it on eyes. But, yes it's a definitely a great product if you are pro MUA for lips :-)
      Thanks for appreciating Radhika :-)

  3. Gosh ! The color is breathtakingly beautiful <3
    It looks Stunning on you sweets :)
    Gorgeous swatches :*

  4. It looks lovely on the lips! I love the velvet-y look! And your eye makeup is amazing as usual! <3

    1. Thank you so much Deepika ... I am glad that you liked the eyes :-)

  5. I am absolutely stunned!! loved the effect over Ruby Woo!!! definitely a must have...loved how it intensified the shade!

  6. This is amazing.. :)
    love your EOTD <3

  7. lovedddd the review dear :) and that REDDDD is truly perfectttttt eesha :D now i know why you were praising it so much :D


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