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Review: Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

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When I had just started buying make-up, I never thought about a separate powder for under eye area! Well, yeah that eons ago. But, recently I succumbed to at least try an under eye powder. I was aware about both Benefit's Powderfladge & Laura Mercier's Secret Brightening Powder. Read reviews of both and there were more or less  similar views about these two products. And then I saw make-up ace Charlotte Tilbury using this product on her model in one of her videos. I did not wait for a second and bought it from 

You have seen this product in action in my under eye concealing routine here

Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder 
A lighter-than-air powder used to set Secret Brightener, Secret Concealer and Secret Camouflage, while adding an invisible lightening boost. 
  • Transparent while color lightens and brightens 
  • Micronized pigments will not settle in fine lines or accentuate shadows 
  • Instantly delivers a soft touch and weightless feel on the the skin 
  • Creates the appearance of the most naturally perfected skin and maximizes wear and coverage 
  • Formulated for all skin types 
  • 0.14 oz or 0.4 gms 

It comes in two shades: 

#1 for fair to medium skin tones
#2 for medium to tan and darker skin tones 

I bought #2 shade for myself, which is a pale yellow shade with micro shimmer particles hither-tither. I am still on border line, if I really like this product or see magical brightening effect. However, it does set my MAC Prolong Wear Concealer into place very nicely and increases the wear time of concealer (this concealer is as it is a long wear concealer). I have actually no issues with this product, but, I am not loving it either, as I don't see any significant difference in my under eye area after applying this product. Or I am expecting a little too much from this product, being intimidated with the name, while it's prime function is to just set the concealer. I use a fluffy brush like MAC 224 to apply this powder, but, the website recommends using a flat synthetic brush. 

Price: INR 1954/- on for 0.4 gms of product. 

Below are some pictures of the product and before/ after pics: 

Before: With just the concealer  
After: With LM Secret Brightening Powder
I hope you all found the review helpful. Have you used this product or any other under powder? Do share your experiences in the comments below. 

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  1. I somehow am not convinced in spending 2k on this product! my ben nye banana powder also does the same at 1/4 the price

    1. Agree Parita... but as I said, I am still not very sure, whether I really regret buying this!!

  2. My Rimmel Stay Matte does the job well for me even though I have super oily skin. It does not crease on me.

  3. i soooooo wanted to try this out Eesha :D :D but as you said nothing greatttt i may skip it yaa ...

  4. Not for me coz i have blue green dark circles...the powder may leave a white cast that looks ghostly or

  5. Wow! You got a nice review here. I will definitely try this. Thank you very much for sharing.


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