Thursday, 3 October 2013

Review: Dior Vernis in Blue Label

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Blue Label is my first Dior nail polish, you never forget your first purchases right! I bought it last year, yes, the review is pending for almost a year. Reasons, not so good pictures. Picture quality with respect to actual color of the nail polish always disappointed me and stopped me from sharing this amazing navy shade with you all. Isn't that lovely shade. 

Blue Label is a deep navy blue with no shimmer or glitter in it. Cream formula, which give opaque coverage in two thin coats with a luscious shine and almost a cushiony look! The formula of Blue Label is slightly thinner than my Dior Nirvana (Review Here) that gives full opacity in single coat, while Blue Label requires two coats for full opaque look. 

Blue Label is very similar to Chanel's Blue Satin (Review Here), later being loaded with blue/ indigo shimmer which is hardly visible, unless seen with microscope! The difference is not noticeable under normal lighting. It's more prominent only when a very harsh light falls on it (like flash of your camera). 

When I am writing this post, it's the forth day I applied it and it just has minor tip wear & tear without chipping and I don't see any signs of chipping soon too. It clearly lasts for about a week with no actual chipping with my Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat. 

The brush of Dior Nail polishes are curved at the tip, making it easier to apply. However, I feel the brush is slightly bigger and I usually end messing it up on my little finger. 

Here are some pictures and comparison picture with Chanel Blue Satin:

In Natural Light
In Natural Light
Indoors in Artificial Light
Natural Light
Natural Light
With Flash

Without Flash
With Flash
EDIT: Here is the picture of the nail polish on 4th day of wear. You will notice that there is very minimal wear & tear and no chipping at all.

I hope you all liked the nail polish and found the review helpful.

Have a lovely week ahead.

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  1. The color is gorgeous and can't believe it is already the 4th day !! It looks so fresh and new :)

    1. Hey Aarthi... thanks. But the pictures above are that of freshly applied nail polish. I have also uploaded a 4th day pic. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. thats suppeeerrrrrr gorgeous on you Eesha :D :D but i want CHANEL BLUE SATIN yaaa ... you guys will make me mad with high end nail polish hahahah


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