Sunday, 15 September 2013

Review: Nars Blush in Oasis

Hello Everyone, 

Hope you all are happy and healthy.

Today I am presenting to you another blush from Nars - Oasis which I bought quite sometime back and was pending getting reviewed. Nars describe this blush as Sparkling Pink Champagne, which to me is a dusty pink shade with gold sparkle. The sparkle is not over powering at all, in fact it doesn't transfer to skin, at least on my skin. The sparkles leave a barely there sheen, if you look at with microscopic eyes. I really like how this blush looks on me, very natural flush of color. I feel this blush will work through out the year. Great blush to be paired with smokey eyes. 

The formula is a bit drier and not as creamy as Nars Sin, Orgasm or other shimmery blushes. The formula is a bit similar to Desire. However, this doesn't affect it's application, applies very smoothly without being patchy and blends easily. Like my all other Nars blushes, this blush also stays put nicely for more than 6 hours on me. No fading and no budging. 

This blush has decent pigmentation and a little goes a long way. I love that this blush has build-able pigmentation and easily workable. I can see this blush suiting a variety of skin tones. It's not too cool toned or warm toned. 

Packaging is standard Nars rubbery velvet, which is sturdy, but is highly prone to accumulate dust and looks awful after a few days. 

Price: USD 29.00 

Here are a few pictures of the blush a me wearing this blush with green smokey eye look: 

I hope you all liked the blush and found the review helpful. 

I have been busy Ganesh Pooja at home. So, a little slow in posting and updating the blog. 

Have a lovely week ahead and Happy Sunday. 

Lots of Love



  1. thats beautifulll on you Eesha :D and i cant stop looking at lovelyyyy smokey eyes :D D:

  2. Loved the blush on u...vl check this one out!

  3. Love the blush and the lip color too :)

  4. I absolutely love this shade..i have it and its one of the most natural looking blush ever!


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