Monday, 15 July 2013

Review: Inglot Nail Polish #315

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I am all set ready to go for a vacation with my family for 3 weeks. I can't express in words how excited I am, as the last time when I went for such a long vacation was during my own wedding! So, its pretty long time to have spent that much quality time with family and friends, especially where I and my husband have spent all our childhood. We have split this vacation in two parts. We first go to spend about a week with my parents-in-laws where we have lot of my husband's cousins and childhood friends joining us and post that we go to my parents where my brother and my husband's sister join us. We start our journey tomorrow. I have packed my luggage and done with the whole packing with some last minute finishing touches left, my husband says, he will start & finish his packing tonight! Men! I think, that's enough about my vacation and excitement. Lets get on to the topic now. 

Inglot has an awesome range of nail polishes that are pretty inexpensive (compared with my Dior and Chanel Nail polishes) and are of great quality. I love the extensive shade range of Inglot Nail Polishes. When I saw them at the store, I wanted all of them, and ended up buying 5 shades together. That's insane! 

Inglot Nail Polish #315 is an extremely pretty metallic aqua blue shade which is very sheer. Its one those shades which doesn't has much intense color. It almost looks silvery white with a hint of aqua on my nails. I find this shade very wearable on an everyday basis without much fuss. Because the product is slightly metallic in finish, you can see a bit of brush strokes. 

Longevity wise all Inglot polishes lasted for about 4-5 days without actually chipping with my Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat. 

What I found surprising (read shocking) after bringing these Inglot babies home was, these nail polishes have an expiry date. Mine have an expiry date of November 2015, which is 2+ years from now. 

Price: INR 500/- or INR 550/- (Not sure about the exact price, but it is the this range only)

Overall, I liked the quality of these nail polishes from Inglot and especially this shade #315. Oh so beautiful and wearable shade of aqua blue! I would have loved if Inglot had taken some time and pain to at least describe the finish of polishes. 

Here are few pictures of the nail polish: 

Hope you all liked the shade. Have you tried any Inglot nail polishes? Which is your favorite color? 

Have a lovely week ahead. 

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