Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Review: Chanel Nail Polish in Cinéma

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are happy and healthy. 

Today, I present to you one more addition in my small Chanel nail polish collection. Guys, I just love this designer brand nail polishes. Love how they perform and the million dollar shine in their formula. Love everything about them! Enough blabbering. This nail polish which I am showing you today is called Cinéma and it is from Collection Avant Prèmier de Chanel Collection, which features new shades in the Rouge Coco Hydrating and Rouge Coco Shine range and four nail polishes. I understand these are permanent colors, so no hurry to buy! 

Cinéma is a medium red shade, leaning towards cooler tones a bit. This has creamy finish and doesn't drag or pull or bubble and flows very smoothly on the bed of the nail. Just flawless application. One coat gives almost the full intensity and with two coats, its bang on there. Love how shiny it is without my Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat. Like my other Chanel nail polishes, this also last for almost a week without actually chipping. According to me this is a great wearable red shade. Check out Temptalia's post to check out some comparisons - Click here

Here are some pictures of the nail polish and how it looks on my nails! 


With my Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat. If you see there is not much addition in the shine because of top coat. 

I hope that you all liked the review and the nail polish on me.

When you reading this post, I am already on my way to my parent's in-laws place for a week's vacation and from there I will proceed to my parent's place for another week. So, excited for this fortnight of vacation with family. I have scheduled some posts for the fortnight and I will keep uploading them from time to time. 

Have a lovely week ahead.

Lots of Love



    lovedddd it yaar

    but am not buying this :D :D
    its looking super pretty on you sweetie

  2. Lovely shade and even lovelier name!


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