Monday, 8 July 2013

Review: Chanel 'Azure' Nail Polish from Summer 2013 Collection

Hello Everyone,

Hope you are happy and healthy and had a lovely weekend. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I picked up Chanel Azure Nail Polish a few days back. Ever since the collection was launched internationally, I wanted this shade. But, not so good reviews distracted me. But, when I saw it personally in the store, I surrendered to the beauty of this shade and bought it. It is such a wow duo-chrome shade. Chanel has again won my heart with its duo-chrome. 

Chanel Azure, to my eyes, is a metallic greenish teal shade with blue duo-chrome. I afraid, that I could not capture the beauty of this nail polish in the camera. This was probably the most difficult product ever to shoot. I must have taken some 250+ photos and still not convinced that the pictures look as beautiful as the nail polish looks in real life. So, my apologies in advance for not so good pictures. But, I had to share the review with you all, as to what I think about this ultimate duo-chrome from the house of Chanel. 

Since, this is a duo-chrome it's color changes as the direction the lights hits it changes and in bright sunshine or under tube light it looks more shimmery than metallic. It's a complex shade to describe! Since, it is a metallic finish nail polish, its application is not as smooth as Chanel's creme formula. If not careful, it will be streaky and brush strokes will be prominently visible. So, take your time to apply this nail polish. I let the first coat dry completely and then apply the second coat and when both the coats are dried, I apply the my Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat. Like my Chanel nail polishes, this also last for about a week without actually chipping. 

Price: INR 1500/- 

Overall, I am in love with the beautiful duo-chrome of this nail polish. If you have budget to buy a INR 1500/- nail polish,  I would say that, if not for the formula, buy Azure for the beauty duo-chrome. 

Here are some picture trials and how it looks on my hands:

Indoors without flash in natural day light

Indoors without flash in natural day light, but with another angle
See, how metallic it looks! 
Color from another angle!
Love, how shimmery it looks in the sunshine
Indoors with flash on! 
See, how blue it looks from this angle under natural light. It was a bright sunny day in Mumbai! 
From the other angle, its looks like a combination of teal and blue!

I hope you all liked the shade. I just checked in the Chanel, Mumbai store. There are still a few pieces left. Go and grab yours before it goes out of stock. Remember this is a limited edition.

Have a lovely week ahead.

Lots of Love


  1. Beautiiiiiiful pics n clicks
    Loved the shade dear
    So summery

    1. Thank you so much Rashmi. I feel the pics aren't doing the justice.. :-(

  2. such a lovely shade to brighten up gloomy monsoon days....I didn't know chanel did beautiful brights too

    1. Yeah so true...lovely shade to brighten up gloomy days during monsoons... I anyways hate this season for so many such reasons!


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