Thursday, 13 June 2013

Review: Lancôme Hypnose Star Waterproof Mascara - This 'star' didn't shine for me!

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Ever since Lancôme launched the Hypnose Star Show Stopper Volume mascara internationally, I wanted to get my hands on it. Oh God I waited for it so much. So, as soon as it was launched in India last month or in April, I went to the Lancôme store and to my own surprise I fell pray to the sales assistant and bought myself the water proof version, while I wanted to buy the normal non water-proof version which is 300 bucks more expensive than the normal one and has smaller brush than the normal one. Unfortunately, I don't have the normal one to show you the comparison pictures.  

Show stopping volume mascara that provides weightless volume, luscious length, 24 hour wear. 

Weightless Volume, Defined and Lengthened Lashes

Dual sided brush perfectly coats lashes and maximizes the performance of the long wearing, waterproof formula. The result is layerable, weightless volume and luscious length that lasts 24 hours. 

I so wanted to like this mascara, but, not all things come to those who wait. I wish it delivered the results claimed by the company. It didn't do any thing great to my lashes. It neither volumizes nor elongate the lashes. It even worse. The before and after picture will tell you the rest of the story. 

Bare lashes
Hypnose Star Mascara on upper and lower lashes
With black kohl in the waterline
This mascara disappointed me a lot especially because I just loved the Doll Eyes (review here) and the volumizing effect it gave to my lashes was just out of this world. I so wanted to like it, but, it just failed to impress in all the departments. 

Packaging wise, it comes a lovely black tube with has galaxial glitter which makes it super pretty. But, what's the fun in having a beautifully packed product which doesn't hold good to all the claims. 

Price: INR 1900/- for water proof and INR 1500/- for non-waterproof

For the price point of a high end mascara, it absolutely failed to impress. There are much better mascaras in the drug store that deliver better results than this. I so wish I could rewind the time and undo this purchase. Initially I wanted to try the non-waterproof version of it, but, with such poor performance of water proof version, I am skeptical about giving non-waterproof version a try. 

I hope you all found the review helpful. 

Have a lovely week ahead. 

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  1. way too expensive for my pocket! plus not so impressive either!

    1. Yeah, Parita 2k bucks for a mascara is too much, and it hurts a lot if doesn't deliver what it claims!

  2. oh damn...weird to hear that this mascara didnt work for fact the small wand looks so promising and should have done wonders..what a waste na? I got the max factor clump defy mascara and it did nothing...

    Have u tried putting it as a double coat?

    1. Yeah Neeraj, with two coats also I get only an average volume, nothin extraordinary.

  3. I remember coming across lots of promotion of this on foreign sad to know it didn't work, especially at THAT price point!

    1. Yes, that was the reason I went ahead and bought it. But, lesson learned!

  4. It did not workfor me too. I bought it and returned the next day. Such a sham it is yaa.
    Im currently liking the "they're real" by benefit.

  5. Sorry babes this is Beena. I accidentally commented from hubbys acct


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