Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Review: Dior Vernis Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer in Nirvana

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Hope you all are happy and healthy. 

I am really excited about sharing this product with you guys today. A few weeks ago I went out shopping with a dear friend and she swatched this nail polish on her nails and when I saw it I knew that I had to have it. Before I saw this shade I was very much sure of buying a nude shade but when I had to finalize I bought Nirvana. So, apart from my 'hot pink' nail polish and lips fever, I have been obsessed with this nail polish a lot. I am totally blown away with this nail polish. 

Nirvana was launched with Rock Your Nails collection last year, almost around the same time and with a little bit of research on Google I came to know that this was the hottest selling shade from the collection. I read some reviews of this shade after having purchased (to know what generally everybody thinks about this shade), I was not surprised by the rave reviews for this product. While I was reading all those reviews, I read in one of the blog reviews that Dior describes Nirvana as Gray Green, I, however, could not find the shade description anywhere on the Dior website. To me Nirvana is a clear teal shade which is super pretty, and yes great for summers. 

I have used a couple of Dior nail polishes earlier, which I loved, and this was no different. Its super pigmented, long wearing and has a million dollar shine. In one coat you get almost the full coverage and with two coats, bang on full coverage. In the pic below, I am wearing only one coat on my pinky. You can hardly see any difference between two coats and single coats. On my nails Dior nails polishes last for almost a week with minor tip wear. In a nutshell, this nail polish is everything that a designer luxury nail polish should be. 

Nirvana's formula is creamy and flows through the nail very easily without dragging or tugging. The application is very smooth and even, without being streaky or with bubbles. 

Dior polishes come in sturdy glass bottle with a pull of silver cap. I love the packaging of Dior polishes, its simple and very sophisticated. The brush has a curved tip, which almost takes the shape of root of the nail, and is broader which makes the application much easier. 

Price: INR 1650/- for 10 ml of product. 

Overall, if you are ready to spend a bomb on a nail polish and are not shy of wearing bold nail colors, do give it a try. You will love it. 

Here are some more pictures of the product: 

I hope you all found the review helpful and liked the color. Have you tried Dior nail polishes? Which is your favorite shade? 

Have a wonderful week ahead. 

Lots of Love


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  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :( you didnt mentioned your frnds name ? or you mentioned and removeddddd hawwwwww

    hahaha :D :d
    i still have this on my nails and alwayssss rem you :D :D
    it is beautyyyyyyyy Eesha :D :D

    1. Haha... yeah, but you got it who that friend is, right? Yeah, I remember the madness I did that day.


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