Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Review: Inglot Kohl Pencil 01 - Long wearing water proof jet black kohl at affordable price

Hello Everyone

Wow, second post in a day. That's an achievement for me :-D. Couldn't resist myself from sharing this product with you. 

I am obssessed with jet black kohl and I never step out without it in my eyes. It's a staple for me. Who doesn't want a perfect jet black kohl in her/ his make-up collection, and if it's available at affordable price, its like a cherry on the cake. Isn't it? 

Presenting to you one such product that I discovered recently from a well known make-up brand Inglot. Its a simple kohl pencil which is water proof and it's jet black. When I compare it with my Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil in Zero, its much more deep in color. The shade is similar to MAC Chromographic Pencil in Black Black, jet black. On an whole Inglot Kohl Pencil is comparable with Lakme' Absolute Kohl Ultimate, former being better in performance. 

The formula is oh so smooth and buttery, almost like a gel. It glides very easily and gives the intense black color in just one swipe. It dries quickly, so if you want to smudge or fade it, you need to be faster. 

As the formula is water proof it doesn't smudge or move from its place for a very long time. When I tried it in the store, the SA told me that its a long wearing formula too. This pencil IS long wearing and water proof. On my eyes it lasted the whole day until I removed it using a make-up remover, even when wore heavily smudging a little bit as heavy kohl-ed eyes. I noticed fading in my outer most corners, but, every product that I have used so far tends to fade in that area of my eye. I don't know if it's a special feature with me or it happens with everyone around. 

I am totally obsessed with this pencil and I will always keep it as a staple which was UD Zero until I found this. 

The only thing which concerns me is the quantity. I am using it for two weeks now and only 2/3rd pencil is left. So, one needs to buy it very frequently as I use black kohl in water lines almost everyday. I think the whole pencil will last me one and half month, less but not more. But at thsi affordable price, I really don't mind buying it every month.  

Price: INR 650/- for 1.2 gms of product, similar to Lakme' Absolute Kohl Ultimate which is INR 675/- for 1.2 gms of product, but with better results. Unfortunately I do not have the Lakme' Absolute Kohl to swatch them side by side to compare. 

Overall, it's an awesomeness at affordable price if you like jet black kohls. Thumbs up! 

Here are few pictures of the product and comparable swatches and the kohl in action in a couple of pictures: 

Left to Right: Inglot Kohl, MAC Chromographic Pencil in Black Black & Urban Decay 24/7 Zero
All the three are swiped just once and you can see the intensity of blackness

Wiped it using a wet napkin. You can see that the Inglot Kohl has not even moved!
I just dabbed a little bit og kohl in between my lower lashes and smoothened it using an angled brush and the result is before you :-)

I hope you found the review helpful. I am dying to try Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Perversion and YSL Desin Du Regard Water Proof eye pencil, which the magician Make-up Artist Neeraj has featured in his top 5 black eye liners. Have a look at his post here

Which is your favorite jet black eye pencil which is long wearing and water proof?

Have a lovely week ahead. 

Lots of Love


  1. this looks really good! would def try it:)

    1. Hi Poorva... yeah this is really a good option... I am loving it very much

  2. I love inglot for the quality they provide at affordable prices....this looks like a great buy...I will surely try this at the store soon!

    1. Yes, Inglot is one brand which has amazing products at very affordable price point. Do try it and let me know if you like it or not :-)

  3. once i finish off with my kohl i am def checking out inglot one!

    1. Hi Parita... yeah, you must. This will win your heart too :D :P

  4. Thanks a ton for the mention. This eye pencil is sooooo amazing..wonder why its not sold on their online site. Maybe its out of stock there...and such a fantastic precision at makeup look...

    1. You are most welcome Neeraj. The Sales Assistant at the store told me that this their fastest moving product in India. It comes in and in few days goes out of stock.

  5. hi eesha , ur eye makeup is great .. but some how inglot kohl smudges for me and as urs dint faded or wiped even after using wet tissue it wiped for me .. wonder y ..

    1. Hi Niviya... It's wonderful how a same product behaves differently on different people!


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