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Review: Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer Ultra Lipgloss #106 Myriade

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A long-lasting, ultra-gloss look; intense colours and a perfect finish. The gel texture, fluid yet substantial, is easy to apply, giving a perfectly even finish. The smooth formula keeps your lips comfortable. 

A gelling agent of mineral origin supplies fluidity and body. Esters ensure glide-on application and optimum evenness of the gloss. They provide smoothness and emollience. Syrupy organic polymers contribute to the lasting quality of the gloss. 

Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimers live up to each and every claim made by the company. The gel like formula is extremely glossy and juicy, but not sticky like MAC Lipsglasses. The formula is almost like a thick fluid and being a gloss its LONG WEARING. The texture is very smooth and the product just glides on my lips. They come in ton of different shades. I have two as of now, Jalousie and Myriade, the later one I am reviewing today. 

Myriade is the prettiest lip gloss that I have in my collection. Myriade is a sheer cherry red with a load of multi-color glitter in it. The glitter gives my lip a multi-dimensional effect and looks amazingly pretty. In the absence of glitter, this shade would have been just a flat cherry red. The glitter makes this lip gloss very unique. 

The emollients in the lipgloss moisturize my lips through out the day, even if I have not moisturized them with a balm before applying the product. When I say through out the day, I mean it. This lip gloss last a long time on my lips. However, this particular shade starts fading in about 4+ hours, which is decent for a gloss. The glitter and the moisturizer stays for the whole day, even after a full lunch meal. The lipsgloss is loaded with glitter which is kinda chunky and many of you may not like this gloss for the overload of glitter, but to me, glitter is what makes this lipsgloss prettier and unique, as I said earlier. Also, the beauty of these chunks of glitter is that the glitter particles do not settle in the fine lines of my lips. Actually neither the glitter not the gloss itself settle in fine lines of my lips. With this lipgloss on, my lips look much smoother and even.  

I wear this Glossimer on its own and with MAC Lipliner in cherry (love this lip combo & love wearing it this way). This lipgloss can also be used to bring shine to an otherwise matte red lipstick, however, I have to still try this lipgloss with a lipstick. I think, it will pair best with Ruby Woo. I will try this combo and share with you all soon. 

Price: INR 1700/- for 5.5 gms. I know this a bomb for a lipgloss, but, for this beautiful shade and quality, I do not mind splurging this high. 

Overall, if you are ready to splurge a bomb on a lipgloss, this is a prettiest thing to have in your stash. Go for it, you will not be disappointed. Skip it if you don't like glitter in your lip products. 

Enough of blabbering, here are pictures & swatches of this lovely Glossimer and me wearing this on its own and with MAC lip liner in Cherry: 

With MAC Lipliner in Cherry
I hope you found the review helpful and liked the Glossimer and the gloss on me. 

Have you tried Chanel Glossimers? Which is your favourite shade, do share with me. I would love to explore these further. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

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  1. This is such a [pretty strawberry shade. Where in Mumbai you got Chanel? I want to put up a gift basket for mom and send her.

    1. Thanks Beena. Chanel is at Palladium mall in Lower Parel.

  2. This is gorgeous! Such a pretty shade on you :)

  3. I have this in Braise ! love it !


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