Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Giveaway Winner!

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are happy and healthy.

Ok... time has come to announce the winners of my 2nd Anniversary Giveaway. But, before everything else, I want to thank each one of you who participated in the Giveaway. I was very nervous about the response I would get, but, it was overwhelming. I did  not expect this response. So, thank you everyone again.

Now, the winners:

MAC M.A.C. Red lipstick winner: Swati 

MAC Girl About Town winner: Beena Chavan (@bNiiontweet)


The above two winners are chose randomly using and I have not biased the results in any manner. 

Girls, please email me your addresses so that I can send you the prizes. I hope you guys will enjoy these lipsticks. 

Once again, thanks each and everyone who participated. You may not have won the giveaway, but, you guys have definitely given me a reason to do better and more meaningful stuff and have definitely made my last fifteen days wonderful. 

Have a lovely week ahead. 

Lots of Love


  1. I dont know whether to dance or jump... i', so happy...
    thanks so much babes!!!!

  2. congratulations Bee and Swati :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Eeeksss...can't believe I won and can't thank you enough! OMG this has made me sooo happy, I am jumping with joy (quite literally)...going to mail you asap, di!


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