Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Review: Nars Blush in Torrid

Hello Everyone

Hope you all are happy and healthy. Finally, I am back to blogging after a while. Had been extraordinarily busy with work for last few days (was even working the whole weekend). Feels nice to be here. 

It's getting warmer and warmer everyday in Mumbai and a more warmer (read 'hot') summer staring at us. So, the season take out all your warmer shades of make-up has come. 

I am reviewing a beautiful coral blush from Nars Cosmetics called 'Torrid'. The company describes the shade as "warm coral with golden shimmer", very rightly described. A perfect coral blush for summers with very minimal shimmer which translates into a lovely golden sheen. You can see shimmer in the palette but by the time it reaches your skin, shimmer disappears (I couldn't notice shimmer on my skin). It will suit a beauties with warmer undertones a lot and hence a perfect coral for Indians and Asians at large. 

The powder is very finely milled for super smooth & easy blendability and superb color-pay off. Nars blushes are famous for their buttery smooth texture and this blush is no different from all other blushes that I have tried so far. The pigments of this blush are such that you can apply it sheer and load it for true to the pan shade. Nars blushes are also famous for their longevity, and again this blush lasts very long on me. On  my oily skin during these warmer days, it lasted for about 8+ hours without fading. Even after 8 hours it looked as if I had freshly applied. After, 9 hours or so I could notice slight fading. 

This blush is often compared with Nars Orgasm (Review here) or rather considered a better alternative because of load of shimmer in the Orgasm blush. To me Orgasm is more peachy-pink, whereas Torrid is true coral, with hint of reddish-orangey-peach, if that makes sense! I have picture and swatches of both the blushes side by side for you to compare yourself. Well, I still like my Orgasm blush, especially when I have a done a heavy duty eye makeup. 

Price: USD 29.00 for 4.8 gms of quantity, which is huge and will last forever, as you need very little quantity to get the warm coral glow, unless you want to really go heavy with the application. 

Overall, its a lovely warm coral blush, perfect for summers and and for beauties with warmer skintones. Shimmer isn't too much but more of a golden sheen, so, a great pick for those who like coral blushes and doesn't like shimmer overload. So, a great coral blush for everyday for a warm summery glow To me it is not a shimmer-less alternative for Orgasm blush. 

Hope can see tiny golden shimmer particles.

As you can see, shimmer hasn't transferred on the skin

Left: Torrid, Right: Orgasm
Bottom: Torrid, Top: Orgasm
The shade difference is clearly visible
 Here are some pictures of me wearing this lovely coral blush and also side by side pictures of me wearing Torrid and Orgasm.

Left: Torrid, Right: Orgasm
If you can notice, Orgasm is more peachy-pink than Torrid
I hope you all found the review of some help and liked the blush on me.

Have a lovely week ahead. I have a hectic week at work.

Lots of love

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