Monday, 18 March 2013

Review: Nars blush in Desire - Desire for Spring/ Summer

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Hope you all are happy and healthy. 

Wow, second Nars blush review in a row. I am loving my Nars blushes which I have collected in last few months. I have collected quite a few of them and I will be reviewing them all one by one. They are super pigmented, easily blend-able and come in different finishes and have some REALLY provoking names. Here, one such blush called 'Desire'. Just a glimpse at will provoke you to desire for 'Desire'. 

Nars describes this blush as "Cotton Candy Pink". It's a vibrant blue based magenta-pink with matte finish. It is insanely pigmented that you will have to work very little to show up on your skin. You need very tiny amount to get the color on your cheek. Desire is one of those blushes from Nars which require careful application, otherwise it will give a clown like look. Just tap once or twice (do no swirl) lightly in the pan and you will get an amazing pink flushed cheeks. 

It is somewhat less creamier than some of its shimmer blushes (like Sin and Orgasm), but, it doesn't require much effort to blend and doesn't go patchy, at all. 

I am really impressed with it staying power, it stays for good 10+ hours on my skin, which is getting oilier as the climate is getting warmer day by day. Even after 10 hours the blush is as fresh as recently applied, which is awesome. 

Price: USD 28 for 4.8 gms. 

Overall, a great blush for everyone from palest skin tones to darker skin tones, with a warning for paler beauties to be more careful to avoid clown like face. Easily blend-able and long wearing. Great for Spring/ Summer season. 

Here are pictures, swatches and me wearing this lovely blush: 


I hope you all found the look helpful and liked the blush on me. Which is your favorite shade for Spring/ Summer, bright pinks or corals/ orange?

Have a lovely week ahead. 

Lots of Love


  1. i loved the apt for spring and brightens up the face...Love the it pigmented or quite sheer and buildable.

    1. Yes, this blush is perfect for Spring. It is not as pigmented as Nars Sin, but yes it is pigmented enough to give you a clown like face if it is not applied carefully with a lighter hand.


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