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Review: MAC Powder Blush in Mocha - For a Natural Flush of Color

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I was a bit lazy and was not feeling up to the mark to post anything, even though I have lot of stuff piling. Because of really warm and humid weather in Mumbai, I didn't feel like much make-up. MAC Powder blush in Mocha is one such blush which is made for those lazy days and refreshes the whole look. Easy to wear no fuss blush. Also, if you are in the mood to go heavy with eyes/ lips but not sure of blush, Mocha is the best bet. 

Describes by MAC as "Plum-Pink", it's a light pink shade (not a bubblegum or barbie pink) with very minute hint of plum. Doesn't look like you have applied blush on your cheeks however heavily you build it up. It is barely there on my NC40 (MAC Foundation) skintone. A great pick for lovelies with fair to medium skintone, will not be great for lovelies with darker skin, it could look ashy.

What I really like about this blush is being a matte finish blush, this does't look chalky or patchy. It's smooth and easy to blend. Decent pigmentation, but, the color itself is such that however heavy you build it up it will never be too much. I had a tough time taking pictures for the FOTD with this blush as it hardly shows up on me. This blush has decent staying power, stays for good 6+ hours on me without fading or moving. So, a no fuss blush. 

Price: INR 1350/- 

Overall, I would say it's a no fuss easy to wear blush for those lazy days when you just want a slight barely there flush of color on your cheeks. I also like wearing it sometimes when I am going heavy with eyes or/ and lips. Having said that, not a must have shade, but if you are make-up hoarder, it's nice to have such easy going shades in your stash. Those with darker skin, be careful, it could look ashy on you. 

Here are few pictures, swatches and me wearing this blush (Hope you can see the blush on me)

Hope you all liked the blush and found the review helpful. 

Have a great Easter Weekend. 

Lots of love

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