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15 minutes of ritual with Clarins for radiant, soft and hydrated skin

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I usually shy away from reviewing skin care products as I am not a skin care expert, but, this ritual is so effective that I had to share with you all. After all beauty is all about a healthy, glowing skin. During the winters my skin was feeling relatively more dry than it usually gets and was also getting flaky around my lips and nose. I was on hunt of a hydrating mask and a gentle exfoliator which would help me counter dryness and flakiness but also does not cause any acne break outs.

I always swear by recommendations of magician make-up artist, a fellow blogger (Beauty-Traveller) and a dear friend Neeraj when it comes to skin care. He told me check Clarins Skin Care Range to counter all my problems. So, I went to the Clarins counter at Shoppers Stop, Juhu, to check some products to help me counter dryness and flakiness and also that does not break my acne prone skin out. 

The lovely SA asked me various questions about my skin type and problems. To counter the dryness and flakiness and also to control acne, she told me this 20 min ritual, which includes three steps - 
(1) exfoliation, 
(2) acne treatment and 
(3) hydration with a hydrating mask. 
She tried it on my the back of my hand and the results were incredible and I could feel that it had transformed my dry skin into a super hydrated softer skin. 

This ritual includes following three products from Clarins:

1. Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream 
This is a creamy peeling mask which exfoliates and removes impurities leaving skin soft and radiant. Apply and keep it for just a minute and peel it off using gentle motions. It will take away all the flakiness and dead skin from the surface of the skin. I was in search of a gentle exfoliator to handle the flakiness. I am very scared of using scrubs as it always breaks me out and I end up using my facial scrub as body scrub! So, this peeling mask seem to be very exciting as it was creamy (i.e. without any granules) and was exfoliating. 

Spread the mask in the center of the back of the palm
2. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil 
Now, oil for a oily, acne prone skin sounds weird, but, believe me this oil is magical.Made from real lotus extracts, this oil helps control oiliness and hence prevents acne. This oil was recommended by Neeraj and I always wanted to try. I initially tried samples and then bought it. This oil is so effective and miraculous that it calls for a separate review. 

Dab just two drops of oil after warming it up between the palms on your face and kinda of push it into the skin. This helps reduce oiliness and tighten pores and also any possible break-outs due to emollients of the hydrating mask. 

3. Clarins HydraQuench Cream Mask 
This creamy mask helps restore the radiance and provides comfort to a dull and dehydrated skin. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and wash it with luke warm water. I got a 15 ml sample of this mask, as the SA was really generous to give me this mask to first try as I was skceptical about its performance with regards to my acne prone skin. I am extremely happy with this mask will soon by buying it myself. Once you wash off the mask, the result will be an amazingly soft, radiant and glowing skin. 

You don't have to use this much. The tube squeezed a little too much product than I wanted. 
Here is the side by side comparison of my before and after ritual skin of the back of my palm 

Left: Before Right: After
Hope you can notice the difference between before and after pictures. The effect of this ritual is almost impossible to capture with the camera. I have been doing this ritual for almost 4 weeks, twice a week, usually on Sunday and Wednesday. I have all praises for this ritual. I have not experienced any break-outs or irritation on my acne prone oily and sensitive skin. As a matter of fact, my skin looks much healthier and radiant and I have also countered dryness and flakiness. 

I will recommend this 15-20 mins skin ritual to all those who have oily acne prone skin for superior freshness, radiance and hydrated softer skin. 

Do try this out and let me know if it worked for you. Also, what products have you tried from Clarins Skin Care or Make-up range. I would like to try some more products from Clarins skin care range and also from it's make-up range. Do share your experience with Clarins and your favorite products in the comments below. 

Have a lovely week ahead.

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  1. Lovely post and amazing skin care routine...the lotus oil is a genie in bottle...quite amazing

    1. Thanks Neeraj for recommending Clarins to me :-)

  2. Oh this sounds sooooooooooooooooo GOOOOOD, Eesha..I am especially tempted to try that scrub - I love the idea of no scrubby bits and still getting smooth skin!!! I really cannot figure out what to do with these face you use a moisturizer over it? I have tried a couple of oils, and either I apply too little or just go too much..:(

    1. Yeah Radhika.. this is an amazing routine (sorry for self baosting) ... you must try it out. I also new to face oils and this is the first time I am using face oil. Lotus oil is actually a treatment oil for oily skin with concerns of acne. I use just two drops of it after applying Clarins Iris Toner for Oily skin. This is the way this particular oil should be used. I am liking it so far. Very effective.

    2. no is not self-boasting or anything like's really nice to read about skincare especially. Somehow I can relate to reviews like this much better - maybe because we have similar skin types :)


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