Saturday, 2 February 2013

Review: Poudre Signee De Chanel Illuminating Powder

Hello Everyone

Hope you all are doing well and are happy and healthy. 

After trying this master piece of art from Chanel from it's Spring 2013 collection for more than a week, here I am with it's review. So, let's see if it won my heart or not. Click here for more pictures. 

This product has the most awesome and pretty packaging, yes you guessed it right, I am talking about it's luxurious pouch. Embossed with the company's logo and some of Chanel's signature products and those lovely roses. Couldn't stop staring it and didn't gather the courage to even touch it. But, to review I had to use it and more over I wanted to use. 

It's an extremely pretty highlighting product which gives you a lovely candle light glow. Initially I thought, it would ashy on me, but when applied on my, rest all doubts vanished and all I could feel was the beautiful glow it gave my face. When you see it in the pan, it looks like a lovely beige with a hint of rosey pink, and when applied it's lovely ensemble of rose and gold, though gold more prominent. When compared with Nars Albatross highlighter, this product is softer gold or rather warmer rosey pink whereas Albatross looks definitely looks stronger gold on me. 

It also liked how nicely it sat on my face through out the day without making my face look greasy or emphasizing pores.  

It comes with a sponge applicator, which I think is useless. I tries using it, but, the applicator deposited too much product on my face. The product also got accumulated in the sponge, which I feel is very unhygienic. The compact comes with a good size mirror for ease of application. 

Definitely, pricey at INR 3700/-, but for me definitely worth it. I will relish this 8 gms of product for my entire life. 

Overall, it's a lovely product for a candle light glow without emphasizing your pores or looking greasy if you have oily skin.

Here are a few picture of me wearing this lovely master piece and how it looks on my NC40ish skin tone: 

I hope you all liked the product and review. Are going to buy anything from Chanel's spring 2013 collection? Do let me know in the comments below. You can buy this product from Chanel's store in Palladium Mall, Lower Parel, Mumbai. 

A small personal update. I am proceeding for a 2 weeks vacation to our native tomorrow to attend couple of family functions, a cousin's wedding and a house warming ceremony of my parent in-law's house. So, I will not be posting, but you will see a couple or more scheduled posts. I will reply to all your comments as and when I get some free time or once I am back. But, you can definitely keep in touch with me through Twitter, where I will be regularly updating. 

So, till then stay happy and healthy. I will talk to all soon. 

Lots of Love


  1. Seriously Eesha, your face is made for bronzers and highlighters... Lol
    And now Im lusting for this product too... I want this for my blog. Let me hint my hubby for an early Vday gift

    1. Hii... Thanks you sooo... much :D :D :D
      Haha... that's a good idea, start giving him signals about what you want :D :D

  2. I loved this highlighter and the embossed design is so boudior. What a lovely investement. It is quite ivory gold and no pink can be seen but looks amazing on you. Let's see how Frivole turns out to be. I'm happy u found an answer to cruel Lovely loveoly product ..

  3. what a lovelyyyyyyyyy highlighter Eesha :D :D .... so am just having a wild thoughttt ..
    as you are not in town i can just try my luck and come over to your place to steal this ??
    dont tell me you are taking this alonggggg ?????????????????????

    nooooooo keep it safely baby XOXO :D :D


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