Sunday, 6 January 2013

A 'Malicious' Sunday Morning

Hello Everyone

Hope you all are having a great Sunday. 

To start my Sunday, I thought of painting my nails the first thing in the morning before everybody else wakes up and keep me busy with other household stuff. So, I dug out another Chanel nail polish called 'Malice', which I bought last month. This shade was part of their Holiday 2012 Collection. 

Malice is a blackened red shade with very fine ruby shimmer particles in it, which makes the nail polish multidimensional. Without the shimmer, it would have been just another flat dark blackened red. 

Like my Chanel Blue Satin nail polish (reviewed here), this also has awesome pigmentation and color pay-off. Just in one single coat, it delivers 95% same color as in the bottle, and with two coats it gives the exact same shade as in the bottle. The polish is sufficiently thin to uniformly flow on the bed of the nail, without streaking or tugging. The formula is very similar to the Blue Satin nail polish.  

Staying power, same as Blue Satin, almost a week with minor tip wear without actual chipping. I am testing the wear with Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top coat, which is supposed to extend the wear time of nail polishes up to 10 days. Will update that soon in the Top Coat's review soon, so watch out for the review. 

It comes in sturdy glass bottle, with the same black square cap with Chanel signature on top. The brush is attached to the actually screw on cap which is smaller the square cap, and makes the nail polish application easier. 

Price: INR 1450/- , yep expensive for nail polish, but the product and the shade is makes it worth the splurge. 

Overall, its an amazing unique shade, with amazing staying power. If you have budget to buy a luxury nail polish, don't miss it. 

So, without further blabbing, here are pictures and nail swatches for you: 

indoor with flash

indoor in full natural light without flash
I hope you liked the shade and the review. 

What are you plans for Sunday, have you planned any thing great for the day? For me its a laid back Sunday with a small family gathering. 

Lots of love

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  1. i love such ox-blood color nail polishes and always found this one great coz its a red with a black base. even if it photographs a bit differently, it looks amazing in person and quite wearable for a dark shade like that. Good coverage and nice luxurious shine on

  2. Oh yeah Neeraj, it is an extremely easily wearable shade. Love how it changes its look in different lights. Thanks xx

  3. beautifullllll shade Eesha :D :D .... never tried Chanel NP though am dyingggg to try one of these and may be darker shade only :D :D

    1. Thanks Rashmi... You must try these nail polishes :-)


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