Sunday, 9 December 2012

Review: Revlon Color Burst Lipstick in Raspberry - a perfect berry shade for Autumn/ Winter

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Hope you all are had a great Saturday! 

I am reviewing another bright and dark lipstick from Revlon's Color Burst Lipstick, called Raspberry. This was my favorite shade last winter season and so is this season.

It is a reddish berry shade, which is soft yet quite dark, if that make any sense! When you closely look at the lipstick, you will notice the finer nuances of fuchsia and violet shimmer in the shade which makes it MULTIDIMENSIONAL and sophisticated. This shade really perks up my complexion and make the whole look very refreshing. 

The formula of this lipstick is like a combination of satin + luster which makes it more creamier and hydrating than MAC's satin finish lipstick and long lasting than MAC's luster finish. It stays put very very long like other lipsticks of the Revlon's Color Burst Range. This shade stays good on me for 6 +hours without fading, after which it starts fading a little bit leaving a lovely stain. It is insanely pigmented and a single swipe gives almost 90% closer color as in the tube and the second one makes it superbly dark and true to the tube shade. When used with MAC Lipliner in Beet, it looks best. Nothing can't beat this shade. 

This shade is a soft reddish berry which is more wearable then regular reds. This is neither too warm nor too cool toned and hence I can see it suiting to a lot of people with wide variety of skintones and color. 

Price: INR 520 - INR 550/- (which is a big PLUS, considering it's high quality) 

Below are the pictures and swatches of the lipstick and how it looks on my NC 40ish skintone: 

With Flash
W/O Flash
Double swipes 
Without any lipliner
With MAC Lipliner in Beet
With MAC Lipliner in Beet
Many of you would have already tried this lipstick. But, thought of sharing my views! I hope you found the review of some help and liked the shade on me. The Color Burst Range has won many hearts and I have not heard even single bad word about these. I have many shades from this range I love them all. Which is your favourite from the Color Burst Range? 

Have great Sunday everyone. :-)

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  1. Hiya Esha this shade looks lovely on u n yes I like this range but love the lip butter range

  2. Hey Priya... long time huh... how have you been?? Thanks a lot dear... I have to still try lip butters. :D :D

  3. I have this and am totally crazy about the texture and color...It luks lovely on you...Try Raspberry lip butter as well its gorgeouss

  4. i am in love with berry colors and i feel they look amazing all seasons....u r looking lovely and like the way u paired a bright berry lip with a subtle eye...

  5. @ Parul: Yeah, I will definitely try LB :-) and thanks for your lovely comment

    @ Neeraj: I think, berry is the most wearable shade if you are afraid of dark reds. It really perks up the complexion. Thanks a lot for your ever inspiring words :-)

  6. Lovely shade and just ordered it. But I wanted to compliment you more about your eyebrows. They look perfect on your face Eesha.

    1. Hi Gaganpreet... thanks so much for such lovely words. How are you liking this lipstick?

    2. :) Have just ordered. Will take a few days before it reaches me Eesha.


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