Thursday, 27 December 2012

Review: MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Breezy for a chilly morning!

Hello Everyone

Hope you all are having a great week. 

I woke up to a chilly and breezy morning today. It was quite chilly for Mumbai standards and really enjoyed the morning with a hot ginger tea with family. 

MAC Sheertone Shimmer blush in Breezy is a beautiful raspberry shade with very subtle pink-fuchsia shimmer which glides like a breeze on your cheeks. MAC describes this blush as plum with pearl, which to me is quite right but more berryish than plum. It looks extremely scary in the pan but not on the cheeks. The shimmer in it is very subtle and doesn't look chunky at all, in fact it gives a nice glow. It gives me an effect as if I am just in from a chilly weather outside. 

It is insanely pigmented and it is very easy to go over the board with this blush. Just a tini tiny bit goes a long long way. You need to tap access from you brush and the brush generally picks a little too much product. The other option could be to use a fan brush or a duo fiber brush to have better control. 

Though it is a cool toned shade, it compliments my warm complexion very well and doesn't look ashy or garish on me. So, I can see this blush suiting a wide spectrum of complexion. Though, girls who have redness on their cheeks will have to be little careful as it could enhance the redness. 

Price: INR 1150/- 

Overall, its a lovely raspberry-plum shade which would suit a wide range of complexions, despite it being a cool toned shade. But, a word of caution for over doing, be careful and tap off the access. 

Here are some pictures, swatches and me wearing this lovely blush. 

I hope you all liked the blush and the blush on me. How are you all spending your winters? I am loving them in Mumbai... such a lovely pleasant weather.... 

Lots of Love

Twitter: @eesha_thakur22


  1. It indeed is a pretty blush Eesha n looks fab on u :)me too Njoying the winters :)

  2. Hi Priya... Thanks a ton. I swear this is the best part of the year in Mumbai.

  3. looks very flattering on you..btw which lipstick are you wearing?

  4. I love how these dark blushes look like a whisper of color on the face when applied sparingly...I am on the verge of buying this but just that its permanent one makes me postpone my purchases...LOL

  5. lovely shade on you Eesha :D :d one of the best buys this year for me :D :D ... and i loved the lip color on you dear :D


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