Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Chanel Nail Polish in Blue Satin has succumbed me to splurge on Nail Polishes

Hello Everyone

Hope you all had a great weekend and Monday!

I am going crazy with the Nail Polish fever these days and splurging a lot on nail polishes from drugstore, high street to luxury brands, which means a lot of nail polishes posts coming up. When I visited the Chanel store the other day, I saw this beautiful blue shade and tried it on myself and OMG, I was in love it with already. Ok, let me admit, until I tried this shade I had a very conservative choice when it came to nail polishes and would buy mostly pinks or nudes or more subtle shades or sometimes I would also buy red nail polishes. So, when I tried it I had immediately decided that I had to have it and was wondering why was I not try such bold nail polish shades! But, the real trouble came when I asked enquired about the price, which is exorbitantly high (INR 1450/-). I immediately went out of the store and roamed everywhere around, but, continuously kept convincing myself to splurge on a Chanel nail polish and just before leaving the mall, I decided to buy this beautiful dark navy blue shade. AND kept on regretting until I actually tried for a week. 

Now, coming on to the review of the product, the shade is blackened navy with very fine blue shimmer which is visible only in bright light. It has amazing color pay off and pigmentation. Just one coat gives 99% the true color as in the bottle and with two coats it is insanely beautiful. It has rather thin formula but not very watery and applies very smoothly. The best part is that it dries very quickly. You don't have to wait forever for your nail polish to dry. Stays put without chipping for good 1 week, yes, 1 week, no exaggeration. Just a little bit of wear and tear at the ends. Now, you must be thinking that I got this wear time without doing any household chores. So, let me tell you that I got 1 weeks's wear time with cooking full Indian meal twice a day, washing a few clothes and utensils and many other household chores. This nail polish has stolen my heart and leaves no regret for buying such an expensive nail polish. 

It comes in a sturdy square glass bottle. It has square cap and within there is a small brush cap which makes the nail polish application very easy. 

Overall, its lovely shade, lovely formula and amazing color pay-off. If you have the budget to buy such an expensive nail polish, go for this shade. By far, my favorite nail polish ever. 

Here are some pictures of the lovely nail polish (pls avoid my not so good nail application and chipped): 

Single Coat
Double Coat
Double Coat

I hope you all liked the shade. Which is your favourite dark navy blue shade of nail polish? Have you tried Chanel nail polishes, which one is your favourite? Do let me know in the comments below.

Have a lovely remaining week.

Lots of Love


  1. Gorgeous shade! But I cannot convince myself to pay that much for a nail paint :p

  2. this is the most amazing one ever....its glossy and rich looking for the hefty price you paid for it....Let me come out of the Guerlain fever and will have a look at that..

  3. @ All Things Pretty: Thanks dear... yeah it's very expensive for a nail polish

    @ Neeraj: Yeah Neeraj, it's super duper rich in color... your Guerlain fever, my God... haha

  4. that's stunning love it on you :)

  5. I have started to pay attention to my nails, but will be a while before i spend this much on nail paints ..hehe.. Lovely colour . Merry Christmas :)

  6. This color reminds me of the movie Twilight (in a good way) So sexy and devilish! I have a similar one by Sally Hansen.


  7. @Shivani: Thank you xoxo

    @Karishma: Thanks. Yeah, even I have also started taking care of nails very recently.

    @Shivani Karwal: Thanks and I am glad that you liked it xoxo


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