Thursday, 22 November 2012

Review: MAC blush Plum Foolery and a small personal update

Hello Everyone

Hope you all have been wonderful all these days and had a great festive season. 

I want to start this post with a little bit of personal update for being away from the blog. Last couple of weeks were full of action at home - some were to cherish forever and some were to be forgotten. To welcome the festive season I had a small accident which gave me almost palm size wound on my knee which caught bacterial infection and just got worsened. This happened just before Diwali and spoiled all my plans to celebrate the festival and ruined the mood of the family. My mood was so spoilt that I did not do anything special for the festival and did not even feel like updating anything on Twitter or updating about the incident here. I did not even tell my closest friends about this, just because I did not want anyone to remind me again and again that it has spoiled the festival mood. Then to soothe the matters, we planned a short vacation to Panchgani - Mahabaleshwar just after Diwali, with my and my husband's parents, which was super fun and elevated all of our moods. Then when we returned, I had lot of guests at home from my and my husband's family and it almost became difficult to accommodate everyone in my home but when  you are with family most difficult situations become easy to deal with. They all got together to help me feel better and I will not lie, I had the most wonderful time of my life. It made me forget the accident and the injury and everything bad about it. Today when I am writing this post, I still have the remains of the wound but it's 95% healed and I am back in action full fledged in all terms. I cited this not as an excuse for absence but because I sincerely appreciate you all for being patient with me always. You guys are just amazing and this place just elevates my mood to an entirely different level. 

Here is my favorite picture of the entire trip. I just love sunset/ sunrise colors spread in the sky and in this picture the lovely shades of sunset have come out really vibrant. 

I did shop a little bit just before the festival for self and family. I got a few dresses and of course some make-up. Bought this lovely blush especially for the festival, which of course, I could not use for the festival. Though, I have been using this blush for last few days since I could not control myself from playing with it. 

It's a sheertone shimmer formula blush and MAC describes it as 'faintly plum' which to me is quite right. It's not a full on plum shade, to me it's more of rosy brownish plum with golden shimmer. The shimmer in this blush is little bit gritty but it is not at all over the top. Because, it has a brownish tint its wearable in any season and by a variety of skintones, though, it would fare extremely well with warmer skintones, especially Asian and Indian skintones.  

For sheertone blush, it's pigmentation is insanely good and a little bit goes a long way. It's buttery smooth and extremely easy to blend. I just tap the brush in the pan and apply, you don't have to swirl a whole to get the intensity. Though, you can build it up to desired intensity. Fair skin beauties, be careful while applying as it could be a little dark for you. Always tap off the excess on the back of your hand before applying it on your cheeks. I usually use MAC 168 brush to apply my blushes, but, with this blush even a spars duo fiber brush will also give you the intensity true to the pan. 

Its staying power is great, it stays on me for good 7 hours without fading and even after 9-10 hours I could see the hint of blush on my cheeks. 

It comes in standard MAC blushes packaging which quite okay with me. Its part of MAC's permanent range. 

Price: INR 1350/- 

Overall, its a great blush for warmer skintone beauties out there and if you are afraid of plummy plum blush, then do try this out you will be proud to own it. I am loving it and I am sure everyone will love it. 

Here are the pictures and swatches of the lovely blush and how it looks on my NC40ish skintone: 

I hope you all liked the blush and found the review helpful. 

I want to thank you guys again for being very patient and staying around with me. 

I have a lot of stuff planned in the coming days for the blog. I hope it materializes as planned, lots of reviews, looks, both dramatic and wearable, colorful and neutral. So do stay around. 

Have a great weekend ahead. 

Lots of love


  1. Sorry to hear about your accident Eesha but glad you had a good time with your family after! Your first picture reminds me of the lakeside at IIT which was beautiful at sunset with the hills in the horizon, makes me miss the IIT days!

    Plumfoolery is the only MAC blush I own that I do not like. It looks a little more cool toned on me and doesn't show up in pictures. I picked it up a long time ago when I used to blindly follow certain bloggers' suggestions and picked it up without trying it on (not that the blogger is to blame here! I should have at least swatched it first!)

  2. @Ankita: Thanks for your concern and I am glad that it made you nostalgic.
    I know, it happened with me also when I was new to make-up. But, give it another try, you may like it. :-)

  3. so sorry for u dearie..but am happy that ur almost fine now..u look lovely wid this blush on

  4. Loved that blush on you...and am sorry for your accident and hope ur fine now..

  5. @ Preetha: Thank you my dear. Yeah I am just fine now.
    @ Parul: Thank you so much :-)

  6. That's a lovely color. Like a whisper of plum on cheeks. I am quite surprised as to how to people cannot like this that much. Its one of the best colors mac makes. U shud also pair it up with a lovely highlighter and see how it blooms. Its almost like Smoldering plum of Clinique.

  7. @ Neeraj: Thank you so much. I really like how wearable it is. :-)

  8. hope you are doing great Eesha ?? .... loads of love to you dear XOXO ....
    i agree with Neeraj ... one of the best blushes from MAC and its looking very pretty on you dear :D ... i lovedddd your lip color too .. which one is it ?

  9. @ Rashmi: I am much better now. Thanks.
    Yeah, totally agree with you Rashmi, I really love this blush. Lipstick is Chanel Rouge Coco hydrating lipstick, which I am gonna review soon. So, stay tuned :D :D

  10. lovelyyyy lip color babes :D :D looking forward to it :D :D

  11. @ Rashmi: The review will be up in a couple of days :-)


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