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Kirsten Stuart inspired look for Autumn/ Winter

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I saw this YT video by MissChievous showing Kirsten Stuart's make-up at the premier of movie On The Road. Kirsten is one of my favourite Hollywood actresses and I am really loving the way she is varying her looks these days, so, I decided to recreate her look. Below is the picture of Kirsten Stuart for reference. 

In this look, Kirsten is wearing a rather different look than her signature brown/ black smokey eyes and nude lips. The MUA has created soft plum/ burgundy smokey eyes pairing with red lips. The plum smokey eyes are enhancing Kirsten's green eyes very much. When I first saw her make-up I found the combination of plummy eyes and red lips a bit odd, but its quite in trend this Autumn/ Winter at runways and among bloggers and YT gurus. Kirsten seem to be wearing a warm peachy coral blush here which is very sheer and just giving a warmth to her face.  She doesn't seem to be wearing any face highlighter and bronzer. 

Before we start, let me tell you that this is my first ever attempt at recreating a celebrity look. I have tried to explain each and every step which I did to recreate this look. Hope I have fared well with the look. 

Below is the list of products used to recreate the look

  • Clinique pore minimizer #2
  • Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer in Dark
  • Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Stromboli 
  • MAC Studio finish concealer in NC42
  • Dior Skin Nude Powder #40 
  • Nars blush in Torrid
  • Nars bronzer in Casino
  • Dior highlighting powder in Amber Diamond 
Eyes (MAC eyeshadows unless specified): 
  • Paint pot in Idyllic
  • E/s Carbon, Cranberry,Soft Brown, Wedge and Brun 
  • Pigments - Blue Brown, Vanilla 
  • Lakme' Absolute Kohl Ultimate - Black eye kohl 
  • Revlon Grow Luscious and Estee' Lauder lash lengthening mascara 
  • MAC Pro Long wear pencil in Kiss Me Quick
  • MAC lipstick in M.A.C. Red
Below is the step by step tutorial to recreate the look. I am starting with the face this time to get the look explaining the reasoning behind using each product: 
  • Start with moisturizing your face generously with your favorite moisturizer. Kirsten's skin in this look is very matte. So, if you do not moisturize your skin well, the matte foundation might look ghastly. I have used Chanel's hydra beauty moisturizing gel here. My skin these days is very dry, hence, I am using a more hydrating moisturizer which I prefer to use otherwise. 
  • Apply Clinique instant pore minimizer. I have used this product because I have some pores on my cheeks just close to my nose. By using this product I will get a smooth canvas of skin to apply further make-up. 
  • Conceal your under eye dark circles using a peachy concealer which would cancel out the taupish bluish dark circles. 
  • Apply foundation. I have used Nars Sheer Glow foundation as my skin is not behaving well with  matte foundation these days. Even if I use a rich foundation, my skin gets stretchy after a while if I use a matte and oil control foundation. 
  • After applying the foundation I normally do my eye make-up so that the foundation get its time to set. After completing your eyes follow the following steps. 
  • Apply a thick concealer on any spots/ blemishes. I have used Studio Finish, as this is the thickest concealer I have to hide my blemishes and spots. Kirsten's skin is flawless and hence you need to hide your blemishes well. 
  • Now set everything with your favorite loose powder. If you are using a matte foundation, you can skip applying powder all over face and just apply it in your T zone and to set the concealer. 
  • Contour, blush and highlight. This is an optional step. I love contouring and highlighting as my cheek bones are not accentuated. So, I need to do it with the help of make-up. Kirsten has quite defined cheek bones which, I do not have, and hence, I used both, bronzer and highlighter. i used Nars Bronzer in Casino to contour and accentuate my cheek bones. After contouring apply a matte finish warm peachy coral blush. Blush is required as both eyes and lips are very defined. If you skip the blush your face may look washed out. Blush will give a definition to your skin. I have used Nars blush in Torrid. I guess MAC Melba will be better option, which, I do not own. After, applying the blush, I used Dior Amber Diamond to highlight the high points of my cheeks. 
Below is the step by step picture tutorial to recreate Kirsten's eye make-up: 
  • Fill in your brows so that it gives you an idea to end your eyeshadows. I have used eyeshadow in Brun to fill my brows. 
  • Start with priming your lids, which I have skipped today, as we are using another paint pot as base. 
  • Apply paint pot in Idyllic on entire lid and blend the edges well. You can instead use Paint Pot is Artifact, Estee' Lauder double wear cream eyeshadow in smokey plum or any plum/ burgundy shade eye pencil like Urban Decay Rock Star or Colorbar eye pencil in Prunella. 

  • Apply Cranberry eyeshadow in the outer and inner third of the lid. Also, apply the same eyeshadow in the crease as shown below. 

  • Using the same brush which you used to apply Cranberry, wing out Cranberry. Also, trace Cranberry under the lower lashline leaving the inner third portion blank.  

  • Blend the outer edges using Wedge and Soft Brown eyeshadows on a fluffy brush like MAC 224. 

  • Apply Blue Brown eyeshadow in the center of the lid where we did not apply Cranberry. Also, apply the Blue Brown pigment in the middle portion of lower lashline and blending towards the edges. 

  • Apply Vanilla pigment under the brows and in the tear duct. 
  • Apply, black kohl in both the waterlines. Smudge a soft black eyeshadow like Carbon on upper lashline. Kirsten doesn't seem to wearing any eyeliner. Apply the lash lengthening mascara in the outer third of your lashes to enhance the wing and then apply Grow luscious or your regular volumizing mascara all over your lashes. 
Here is the final look eye make-up: 

Below are the steps to follow for lips
  • Before you start your make-up apply a rich moisturizing lip balm. 
  • After you are done with the eyes and rest of the face, wipe of the lips balm using a soft towel and scrub the lips a bit to remove any flakes. 
  • Apply a red lip liner. I have use MAC Pro-Long wear lip liner in Kiss Me Quick. 
  • Apply a red lipstick, which is true red. Russian Red will be the best option or Revlon Color Burst lipstick in True Red. I have used M.A.C. Red, which, I realised much after applying. But, it didn't look bad either, so, did not wipe off. 
Here is the final look, my attempt at re-creating the Kirsten Stuart's: 

I hope you all liked my attempt and hope that I have fared with Kirsten's look. Also, hope you all liked the detailed tutorial. I am liking the dark eyes and lips trend a lot which is very unusual. Mostly, the trend is to use the eye's and lip's shades from the same color family. But, Kirsten's make-up artist doesn't seem to have followed any rule book while creating this look. My hats off to the MUA's creativity. What do you think about the dark eyes and lips in trend this Autumn/ Winter? What do you think about Kirsten's look? Do let me know in the comments below. 

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Have a great Sunday everyone. 

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  1. Eesha this suits you so much! Looking stunning here! One of your best looks :)

    I have Cranberry and Blue brown, will try this out!

  2. And your skin looks really lovely here!

  3. @ Ankita: Thank you so much for your kind words and I am glad that you liked my attempt. :-)

  4. A very lovely makeup. Loved the eyes and how flawless ur skin looks. Nice lipstick too. Amazing makeup. Very holiday inspiring.


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