Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick in 'Heartbreaker' - Review, Pictures and Swatches

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are doing well and are happy and healthy. 

My love for bright and bold lipsticks continues... This was such a beautiful shade, which I swatched with my other Rimmel London lipstick (Reviewed here), that immediately I had to have it, and that too at a dirt cheap price tag. 

The shade is a beautiful bright rosey  fuchsia pink, if that make sense. It doesn't really have very strong blue or warm undertones so, it will suit a a wide range of skintones and shades. Its a beautiful BRIGHT PINK shade. 

Unlike my other Rimmel London lipstick this lipstick is more of MAC's amplified cream finish types and the little bit of shine which this lipstick has stays for 2-3 hours. It dries a little bit after sometime but the stain is still there with the same intensity of shade. The stain was there for good 6-7 hours, after which it started fading and got faded completely after 9 hours. I noticed a little bit of bleeding with this lipstick when worn with a lipgloss, which I haven't noticed with any of my lipsticks so far, whether worn with gloss or not. It bleeds in the fine lines around my lips. I avoided this to some extent by using a lip pencil, but the bleeding was still there. Lip pencil only delayed the bleeding.

It's pigmentation and color pay-off is just awesome. With just a single swipe you get the full intensity of the shade as it is in the tube.

Okay, now this beauty dug a very tiny hole in my pocket (no hole actually). Yep, its only of Rs. 215/-. Dirt cheap, isn't it? 

It comes in a plastic dark brownish wine kinda tube, which, to me is not appealing at all. In fact it looks cheap! But, for the price and product, packaging is not be a criteria for me to chose or leave a product and I am sure it is not for yo as well!

It has a sweet vanilla scent, which, to my sensitive nose is not a problem at. This could be an issue with some you, though.

Overall, its not an 'Heartbreaker' but a 'Winner'. It won my heart, except for the bleeding part with gloss. Doesn't matter, but, alone also it no as drying as my other Rimmel lipstick.

So lovelies, here is the heartbreaker lipstick :

w/o flash
with flash
w/o flash
with flash

And me wearing this beautiful lipstick:

Break-up of make-up and products used:
  • Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer 'Dark'
  • MAC Select cover-up concealer in NC43
  • MUFE Matte velvet + foundation #55
  • Dior Nude Poudre 
  • Nars blush in Torrid
  • Nars Albatros highlighter
Eyes (MAC Eyeshadows):
  • Paint Pot in Constructivist 
  • Mulch on the lis on top of the paint pot
  • Carbonized to darken the outer corner and under the lower lashline
  • Cork to blend
  • Shroom in the tear duct and to highlight the brow bone
  • Clinique Gel liner in True Black on upper lash line
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil Zero in waterlines 
  • Revlon Grow luscious mascara

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick - Heartbreaker
  • Clear gloss

I hope you liked the lipstick on me and found the review helpful. Let me know, if your have tried Rimmel lipsticks and which is your favorite shade. 

Thanks for being with me lovelies, for your patience and love. This blog is still alive only because of your patience and love, which gives me an itching desire to update it as often as possible. :-)

Lots of love

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  1. Hi eesha...a new follower:)..this is such a pretty color!..A real heartbreaker..you look lovely:)

  2. such a gorgeous color..its stunning!

  3. @ Pout Pretty: Thanks dear.... welcome to my blog and do stay around. You just made my day xoxo

    @ Parita: Thank you so much dear.

  4. Loved the color on you Eesha..even with a lil bleeding its definitely worth it

  5. @ Parul: Thanks dear. Yep, it's worth it.

  6. Oh my goodness the color of that lipstick is just perfection, I LOVE it!! :) Thanks for the post x

  7. U wont believe the coincidence. I have ordered for the same color from a friend coming from abroad...ITs so amazing and really bright and pretty! good purchase!

  8. @ Neeraj: You once has said people who think alike buy simialr make-up :D :D

  9. Wow! i loved the shade. the finish looks great :D

  10. nice post.

  11. I saw swatches of this lipstick so I've been tracking down reviews and found yours! Thanks for you review. It was really informative and I like your make up in your last two photos!

    It's a shame that this lipstick bleeds because I love the colour but I might try and mattify it.. not sure if that will work, I'm a make up novice!

    ~Hannah xx

    1. Thanks Hannah... Try it with lip pencil or a lip primer.


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